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Stefan wants some answers from Klaus about why he can't remember him from the 1920s, and why Klaus hasn't said anything about them knowing each other, before now. Klaus leads into the next flashback by saying he and Stefan didn't get off to a brilliant start back then. "To be honest, I hated you."

Speakeasy, 1920s: Stefan and Blonde Shusher are snacking on a still-living woman who is sitting between them. They stop feeding to kiss one another and Stefan notices her necklace -- the necklace Elena was fondling on her own neck, just this morning. Blonde Shusher says, "A witch gave it to me. Supposedly, it's magical." Stefan: "And is it?" Blonde Shusher: "It brought me love, didn't it?" They start to kiss again, but are interrupted when Klaus comes over, and tries to pull Blonde Shusher away. "It's late, Rebekah, we're leaving." Stefan is ready to take him on, but Rebekah warns that Klaus is stronger than he looks. When Klaus hears Stefan's name, he cracks, "So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore, I've been hearing so much about. You're right. He does have funny hair." Klaus is bored and he wants to go. Rebekah tells him to go ahead and leave, after all, she isn't his girlfriend. She probably has to say that a lot, because while he says, "No, you're my sister," he sure doesn't act like it. He grabs her and says she has to do as he says. Stefan says, "Your sister," as we flash forward to the...

Present; Warehouse of the Undead: Stefan says, "So I knew another Original vampire." Klaus tells him if he can't handle it, he shouldn't ask. How is Stefan not handling it, here? I hate dialogue that doesn't make sense. Anyhow, if there's a warehouse, and Klaus is in it, it's gotta be filled with the dead bodies of his friends and relations, right? This one is no different. Klaus finds Rebekah's coffin and opens it up. She looks like she's been dead for nearly 90 years, in an Original vampire way. Stefan doesn't recognize her. Klaus: "Don't tell her that. Rebekah's temper is worse than mine." Klaus stops caressing his dead sister's face, pulls the dagger out of her chest, and tells her it's time to wake up.

Since Rebekah takes her sweet time coming back to life, it gives Klaus another chance to narrate us into a 1920s flashback, which he begins by saying that Stefan taught him some of his favorite tricks. The speakeasy set and period costumes are gorgeous, are they not? Now remember Klaus's full first name is Niklaus. In the '20s, everyone is calling him "Nik" but I'm not going to do that, because it will just confuse me. But if I quote someone and they're talking to Nik, they mean Klaus. Okay? Good. Klaus wants Stefan to explain how he could be good enough for pure-blooded Original vampire, Rebekah calls her brother an elitist and Stefan asks Klaus where the rest of his family is. "Well, let's see, I killed most of them." Rebekah adds, "But not all." Stefan: "And you're okay with that?" Rebekah: "Well, we all had the chance to choose a side. I chose the right one...eventually." With that, she puts her gloved hand in Klaus's hand. Just then, an enraged man storms up to Stefan. "Where the hell's my wife?" Stefan plays dumb, so they guy goes on and on about Stefan thinking he's tough, hiding in a bar, drinking liquor. "A telephone call to the Chicago P.D. might set you straight." The vampires all chuckle at this. Correction. Klaus guffaws. It's downright goofy.

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