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Stefan motions toward a woman and calls out her name. She is Lila, and not only is she Yelling Guy's wife, she's the tasty young thing Stefan and Rebekah were snacking on earlier. Yelling Guy says they're leaving, but Stefan compels him to stay and sit. Stefan then takes out a pocket knife, slits Lila's wrist, pours her blood into a champagne glass and compels the man to drink and to tell him his name, which is Liam Grant.

Present, Warehouse: Klaus says he was Stefan's number one fan. He then stops to tell the compelled human who is guarding the coffins that when Rebekah wakes up, Compelled Guy is to tell her to meet him at Gloria's bar, and then he's to offer her his carotid artery and let her drink until he dies. Have a nice day! Klaus then leads Stefan out, because he has a way to prove to Stefan that they were friends. Back in the day, Stefan confided a secret to Klaus, and Klaus can show him.

Gloria's Bar: Damon walks in and Gloria greets him. He says, "Damn, if I knew you were going to age like this, I would have stuck around." She says she always liked him better (the "in comparison to Stefan" is implied). She then lets him know Stefan and Klaus are together and what a bad combo she thinks that is. Witches have a weird relationship with vampires on this show, don't you think? I mean, she's more than willing to help Klaus, but when she tells Damon she sent Klaus and Stefan on an errand, and when Damon asks what kind of errand, she's all, "I don't think so... You may be cute, but you're still a vampire." If she thinks Klaus and Stefan are a bad combo, then why won't she tell Damon what they're up to? Whatever, we're already onto the next scene. Gloria does let Damon know that Stefan and Klaus should be back at the bar later.

Magically Untouched Apartment: Elena is reading Stefan's diary. In 1922, Lexi found him and helped him pull himself together. In 1924, he's still bitching about animal blood and misery. By 1935, he's writing that his cravings are still there but it's easier to handle now. "Lexi's onto her next project -- getting me to laugh." Elena smiles until she hears voices in the hallway and realizes it is Stefan and Klaus. She quickly hides in the secret serial killer documentation closet.

When Stefan and Klaus enter, Klaus can sense a presence. He turns to Stefan. "Do you feel that? Is anybody here?" Stefan says it's been vacant for decades, but that people must break in all the time. He asks why Klaus brought him there. As Klaus blabs on about Stefan's secret, Stefan notices the fingers marks in the dust on an old book, a book Elena ran her fingers across when she and Damon first got there. Elena cowers in the secret serial killer documentation closet while Klaus explains to Stefan that he always wondered why Stefan made Liam Grant tell him his name. Finally, Stefan shared that it was all part of his secret ritual. In the closet, Elena looks at all the names on the wall. Out in the main room Stefan says, "To write it down..." Klaus adds, "And relive the kill, over and over again. Klaus opens the closet. "Do you believe me, now?" Elena is as far from the doorway as she can get. Stefan steps in front of Klaus and peers inside. When he sees Elena their eyes lock. Elena's face softens. Her expression is sad and sweet. Stefan remains stoic. Then he says, "Look what I found." Elena nearly gasps. Klaus approaches and Stefan pulls out an old bottle -- a 1918 Single Malt Scotch. Klaus declares it his favorite and says, "Let's go find someone to pair it with." Stefan shuts the closet door, leaving Elena in there with her eyes bugging out of her head. I have to try sitting at my desk, now. Be right back.

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