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Race For The Cure

Red Room of Pain. When Jeremy shows Klaus his tattoo sketch, Klaus throttles the boy. He's seen the tattoo in the flesh and knows there's more to it. Jeremy insists that's all of it, then remembers that Connor says the tattoo spreads each time he kills a vampire. Klaus summons a hybrid Nate and tells him to get a girl to see Jeremy home. Meanwhile, Nate should keep Connor alive at all costs. Alone, Connor struggles against his bonds. He seems to loosen something or other, but Nate returns and decides to tighten things up. When he gets too close, Connor bites Nate's ear. Nate recoils in pain. Connor spits out the hybrids earring. Is it still an earring when it's one of those bar thingies? I don't know what to call it. My piercing knowledge is limited because I hit my gross out threshold right around those spacer things. This is a little bar or rod that pierces Nate's cartilage, but why am I even talking about this? Nate whacks Connor, tells him he's lucky he can't kill him and then storms out. Connor spits out the ear jewelry. I gag. Commercial.

Frat House. Exterior. Bonnie follows Elena outside. Elena finally starts wiping off her mouth, but she's still got blood dripping down her neck. She wonders why she's acting like this. BECAUSE YOU'RE A VAMPIRE, ELENA. Bonnie blames Damon. Elena cries that she should be with Stefan and going through all of "this" with Stefan, so I can't decide if it's enjoying her meal that bothers her, of if it's the fact that she's so enjoying her lover's brother. Damon overhears the whole scene, gets his feelings hurt. Bonnie gives him hell for letting Elena get out of control. Damon says, "She wasn't out of control. She was having fun." Bonnie: "This isn't fun. She was acting like a different person." Damon: "She is a different person. She's a vampire. We're a predatory species. We enjoy the hunt, the feed, and the kill. When the guilt gets too bad, we switch off our humanity and we revel in it." Bonnie: "Is that what you want -- for her to be like you?" Damon: "She already is like me. And you know what makes me able to drink my fill and leave someone breathing, and not rip their head off, like my brother? It's that I can revel in it." He gives his best Evil Pixie Monster eye gymnastics, then adds, "I can make it fun." He marches past the girls, and leaves Elena with a single, perfect tear rolling down her still somewhat messy face.

Mossy Manse. Rebekah arrives and apologizes to Stefan. She is sorry she stormed off, but she cannot deal with Klaus. Back in the day, she too wanted a cure and was willing to leave her family behind for it. Rebekah asks him if he'd take the cure if given the chance or if he just wants it for Elena. Stefan confesses that while part of him wishes he could spend an eternity with Elena, he knows that eventually she'll kill. The pain and guilt will make her shut off her love and compassion. Arrrrrgh. That last use of compassion just killed my will to continue.

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