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Race For The Cure

Anyhow, Elijah and Klaus watch as Alexander opens a crate and releases a vampire. When the sun strikes the beast, he bursts into flame. Elijah notes that Xander (yeah, I'm calling him that) is putting on quite a show. Klaus (who -- is it just me, or does he look like Harry Styles there?) brags he could eat the hunter for sport. Elijah preaches discretion because Original stories are spreading, thanks largely to Kol and Klaus's failure to control themselves. Too bad Caroline wasn't a vampire back then. She could have taught them a thing or two about control. Oh no, wait, she'd suck at that because she's good at it. Right. Anyhow, Klaus points out that Rebekah is canoodling with Xander and suggests that perhaps Elijah should do something about that.

Klaus Haus. We're still in the Ecru room of Exposition, so the conversation is what you'd expect. Klaus says Connor is the first hunter of his kind that he's seen since 1114. Rebekah fell in love with Xander and learned many of the brotherhood's secrets. Klaus will share them with Stefan, provided Stefan gets Rebekah over there. They're in a fight, after all. Klaus wants to make peace with her, so he can get some important information from her. Stefan wants to know what's in it for him. Klaus tells him to get Rebekah there, and he'll tell him, "...but trust me. That hunter in there holds the answer to all your prayers." Commercial.

Sidebar. Okay, to keep myself from falling asleep during all the exposition, I did a little speculating. Call me Captain Obvious, but it seems the five hunters were created (or empowered, or whatever) not just as general vampire hunters, but specifically to stop the five Originals. Agreed? Okay. I guess that's not that much speculation after all. It seemed bigger before I put it in black and white. I now return you to our program.

Mystic Grill. Matt's talking to April, who babbles excitedly at him. Clearly, she's a Pudding Pop fan. When Rebekah joins April, Matt is surprised that Rebekah has found a friend. He pretty much can't stand being near her, so he leaves. When April's eyes follow him, Rebekah warns the girl that she already has dibs.

Stefan slides into the booth next to April, compels her to remember nothing of the conversation to come, and tells Rebekah he's there to get her to talk to Klaus. Rebekah is all We're in a fight. Stefan knows, but he's asking Rebekah to play along, so he can find out what Klaus is up to. Rebekah wants to know what's in it for her. I can't decide if these parallels (the Salvatore and Mikaelson siblings being in a fight, Rebekah and Stefan asking what's in it for them, etc.) are a nice touch or heavy-handed, because the exposition has already killed the part of my brain I used to use for such things. The bottom line: Stefan promises Rebekah a clean slate with him, and that he'll also do his best to get Matt to give her the same, if only she'll cooperate. We cut to...

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