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Race For The Cure

Klaus Haus. As Jeremy is sketching Connor's tattoo, the hunter berates our boy for leading him into a trap at the hospital. He doesn't understand how Germ can see the tattoo, if he's a sympathizer. Jeremy wants to know where the tattoo comes from and why he's the only one who can see it. When Connor was serving in Iraq, he met a man who had an intense desire to hunt vampires and blah blah blah exposition cakes. He told Connor he was a "potential." I have Buffy Season 7 flashbacks. Connor blahs that he lost touch with his mentor, but one day, the tattoo just showed up on his hand. As he killed more vampires, the tattoo spread -- as if it was trying to tell him something, but Connor claims he doesn't know what.

Dining Room. Klaus sets up another flashback to 1114. Rebekah has Xander in bed. She's young, beautiful, and smitten. When she asks about the tattoo, Xander explains it's a map to the weapon, and his sword is the key to understanding it. He wonders if she's considered his offer to leave with her and follow the map. She has and is all for it. It's then that she notices that it's time for me to plagiarize the recaplet, again. She asks about the curious dagger on his bedside table. Xander picks up the dagger and, dipping it in a small bottle of White Oak ash, explains that it is a special weapon to be used against a special sort of vampire. It will disable them until such time as the weapon is found. When Rebekah asks if all of his prey is so evil that they must be put down, Xander changes the subject, kisses her, fondles her and then daggers her. Poor Beckster.

Present. Klaus tells Stefan that Xander and The Five endaggered all of The Originals that night. He then mocks Rebekah's ability to choose men. Stefan exposits about the dagger not working on Klaus because he's a hybrid. Klaus confirms that's so, and in a flashback, we see him covered in blood. He takes the dagger out of Rebekah's chest. When she wakes, she asks what happens. Klaus points to Xander who has been impaled by his own sword, and tacked to the wall like a knickknack. And this scene pisses me off because 1114 Klaus scolds Rebekah and says it's because of her stupidity that the whole family was nearly wiped out, but wait just a gosh darned second. Granted, yes, Rebekah let Xander get close enough to dagger her, but that means the other 4/5s of the Originals let the other 4/5s of the Brotherhood get close enough to dagger them, too -- including you, Satan Klaus. And let's not forget that you all are supposed to be super strong, even stronger than regular vampires, so I'm just not going to let you play the blame game with Becky here. Well, I guess I can't stop you, because the scene has already been shot and has aired, but I won't indulge your rantings. So there.

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