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Race For The Cure

Back in the present, Klaus continues to chew the heck out of the scenery as he convinces Rebekah to tell Stefan what, exactly, this weapon is that can bring about an end to the vampire species. Rebekah finally admits the weapon is a cure. Commercial.

Stefan insists there's no cure. Rebekah assures him it's true. Stefan wonders why they didn't search for it. Klaus blahs that once the hunters died, the maps disappeared from their bodies. Since they were dead, there was no pressing need to find the cure, and it hasn't come up over the past 900 years. Klaus then belittles Rebekah more for handing her heart to any man who looks twice at her. Rebekah snaps back that no, she clearly hasn't learned her lesson because she's stayed with Klaus all these years. She gets in a dig about Klaus leaving Finn daggered. Klaus proclaims Finn a dullard. Rebekah knows Klaus just wants the cure now, so he can cure Elena and she can once again serve as wet nurse to any new hybrids he might mass-produce. She tells her brother to shove his cure and stomps out. Klaus tells Stefan he'll need to get Rebekah to reveal where the sword is. He knows Stefan will help because this gives him a chance to save Elena from being a vampire, which may well destroy her and her all holy compassion. Ptui. We cut to...

Whitmore College. Professor Shane is babbling about how Grams left an original edition of Stephen King's Cujo, which must be a shout-out to Tyler, who isn't in this week's episode. He soon turns the conversation to witchcraft and wants to know if she practices. Plagiarismtime. Bonnie confesses that while she did practice, she no longer does because she took it too far and there were consequences. The professor says he's learned a lot about magic in his travels, and there are other ways for her to practice her art. Bonnie is understandably intrigued. I see some fans have a problem with this, since Bonnie watched Grams suffer spiritual torment, just a few weeks prior, but since in the very next episode, Bonnie confessed to trying (and failing) to do a nature spell, I have no trouble buying it.

Damon's dancing with, kissing and feeding off of a young woman, while Elena is doing the same with a young man...oh no wait, her prey is female, too. Maybe there's no kissing, but there's dancing and feeding. Interesting. Sheesh, Elena, wipe your mouth on your arm, or your victim's shirt, or something. Once Elena and Damon have fed, they find each other and dance. Any episode that features Damon dancing can't be all bad, but why does he look like he's on heroin? Maybe he fed off of some other poor girl who's been roofied. Anyhow, when Elena spots Bonnie glaring at her from across the room, she (sadly) comes to her senses and rushes outside.

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