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I Have Traded You for Señor Tequila

Gilbert Gables: Since Jenna's out of tequila, she breaks out the ice cream. Elena joins her in the kitchen, and when the doorbell rings, Jenna goes to answer it. I yell at Elena that she and the Germ should NEVER let Jenna answer the door, since they're keeping her in the dark about vampires and I think she kind of listens, because she chases after Jenna -- meaning I have achieved control of the pretty people in the magical box.

When Jenna opens the door, there is indeed a vampire waiting on the other side. She introduces herself to Jenna as "Elena's mother." That's right, babies. Isobel is BACK! Jenna's jaw hits the porch. Elena hisses her bio-mom's name, and then the stupid CW tells me I can't have my show back until April 7th. My daughter, who is sleeping over at my mother's, calls me up and screams about it. I scream back. My husband rolls his eyes and pours me a glass of wine. The end! And yes, I did just mostly plagiarize the ending to my recaplet, because I found myself wanting to say the same thing, and I don't think it's plagiarism of you're copying yourself. It's just derivative and lame. So there.

I'll be back on April 8th with the recaplet of episode 2-17. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us on the boards, to ride out the long, cold, lonely hiatus.

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