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Woods: The Fellowship is still on the run, but then Elena trips and falls. [C'mon you guys. I took back the night years ago. Must we regress? Couldn't you have had Alaric fall instead? It would make more narrative sense. He hasn't been sober in months. --Buffy] Damon warns Elena not to move, because Now A Wolf Ray comes out of nowhere and faces off with her while she's still on her hands and knees. Damon calls out, "Here, doggie doggie," and the Stealth-Salvatores further into the woods. Now A Wolf Ray zoops off after him, leaving Elena to get to her feet in one piece. She wants to wait for or find Damon, but Alaric says they have to keep moving. Elena refuses, because if Damon gets bitten, he's dead. "I'm the reason he's out here." Alaric corrects her. "I am the reason he's out here. I told him where we were, and I'm telling you to keep moving. Let's go.... Elena, now!"

Lockwood Dungeon: Tyler drags Carol down to the family lock up, secures her behind bars, chains himself up and forces her to watch him transition. "You think Caroline's a monster. I'm the monster, mom... Me, Uncle Mason. It's in our blood. It's a family curse." Oh Uncle Mason! I miss that gorgeous hunk of brick house. Can he haunt Jeremy too, please?

Woods: Damon is wandering alone, when he hears a twig nap behind him. Ray is no longer in wolfy form. He's back to being Bleeding Eyes Ray. He charges on Damon and they fight. As Bleeding Eyes Ray's teeth get closer and closer to Damon's skin, things do not look good for our Evil Pixie Monster. But then Stefan swoops in, pulls out Bleeding Eyes Ray's heart through his back, and saves the day. Yay, Stefan! Damon says, "Fancy meeting you here." Stefan reminds Damon he told him not to follow him. Damon tells him to take that up with Elena, adding, "If you don't want her chasing you, I'd stop with the late night phone calls." Stefan raises his eyebrows, which was my dad's tell when he was fibbing. "I didn't call her." Damon: "Sure you did. She's not gonna give up on you." Stefan says, "Well she has to, because I'm never coming back. Why don't you get her home? See if you can keep her there this time." Oh Stefan, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Commercial.

SUV: Elena and Alaric wait inside the car. Elena: "Stefan's out there somewhere, and now Damon, and we're just sitting in this car?" I love Elena, and I love that she's ruled by her heart, but she's just being dumb right now. What the hell are she and her History teacher going to do against what might be -- as far as they know -- a whole pack of werewolves or even hybrids? At least Damon has speed on his side and can Twilight his way up a tree, if need be. Alaric says, "Let the vampires fight the hybrid zombie mountain man. I'll take care of keeping the humans safe." Elena: "I thought you were checked out of taking care of people." Alaric tells her not to start; this doesn't have to be a lesson. When Elena continues to try to talk him out of his clinical depression, Alaric cracks, "Boy are you a sucker for a lost cause, or what?" Alaric, for Elena, no cause is worth taking on until all is lost or appears to be. I mean... it's like you never met. Elena says he's not a lost cause, he's just lost like her and Jeremy. They have no one. He has no one. The three of them are good for each other. Alaric looks at his ring. "I'm keeping the ring, then." Elena smiles.

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