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Random Dungeon: Caroline is just coming to. She's chained to a chair and can't escape. When she hears footsteps she yells out, "Hello? Mrs. Lockwood?" She continues screaming for help until Bill enters her cell. He looks down at her and says, "Hello, Caroline." She looks up, and hope now mingles with the fear in her voice. "Daddy?" Dunnnnnnn.

Okay, I totally saw that coming with Bill being Caroline's father, but not until he was on the phone with Carol that last time. I know some of you knew it all along. I still think it was a pretty sharp ending to an incredibly involved episode. I can't help but think back to Bill's first in-person conversation with Carol. He's as serious as a heart attack, and yet there's a bit of eagerness to handle this problem, even though he knows his target is his own daughter. I'm pleased that, as has become customary with this show, Tyler was upfront with his mother about his lycanthropy and about the vampire situation in Mystic Falls. I get so tired of TV shows where the characters never say the key things real people would say, were they in their shoes. I'm glad to see Elena got through to Alaric, and that he's not only back at Gilbert Gables, but ready to take over a bedroom. I feel vaguely unsatisfied about the conversations between Stefan and Damon, both last week and this. I feel like there should have been something from Damon proposing a plan to free Stefan, even if Stefan would refuse it, thinking it was too risky where Damon is concerned, but there have only been two episodes, so maybe I'm just impatient. I wish I could say more now, but I'm out of time, and my back is still unhappy when I stay upright for too long, so I'm packing it in.

This Thursday's episode is called "The End of the Affair." Hmmm. I haven't even seen a description yet, so I think I'll just roll that around in my mind, 'til Thursday. I'll be back Friday morning with the recaplet. In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where Alaric is finally settling into a bedroom. Now if we could just get him to shave!

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