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Smoky Mountains: As Klaus schools the pack on the benefits of hybridism, Currently Dead Ray gasps his way back to life or unlife or what have you. Klaus: "Excellent timing, Ray. Very dramatic." When Ray wants to know what's happening to him, Klaus tosses the metaphorical microphone to Stefan, who asks if anyone there is human. He explains that Ray needs human blood to complete his vampyric transition or he'll die. No one speaks up, but Klaus surveys the group and then turns to Not!Matt. "You!" He Stealth-Salvatores up to Not!Matt, bites his arm and tosses him to Stefan, who throws Not!Matt on the ground next to Now Transitioning Ray. Stefan's voice is but a whisper. "If you don't drink it Ray, I will. The problem is -- I don't know how to stop." Meanwhile, Klaus grabs the only she-wolf who's uttered a word thus far and says, "It's the new order, sweetheart. You join us, or you die." Sweetheart says, "I'd rather die than be a vampire." Klaus puts on his (vampyric) game face and says, "Wrong choice." He then chomps down on his own wrist and presses the bloody wound to Sweetheart's lips. Back over at Not!Matt's gaping wound, Now Transitioning Ray finally sucks down on some human blood. Cut to Klaus. He snaps Sweetheart's neck, lets her corpse fall to the forest floor and says, "You'll thank me for that, later." His eyes are lupine now, but his vampire fangs are dripping with blood and he licks a little more off his finger tips and sighs in contentment. "Okay, who's next?" Commercial.

Grill: Matt and Tyler have a tense conversation when Matt comes over to refill Tyler's coffee, because Caroline stands between these former best buds, even when she's not on screen with them. Tyler's looking for her -- was expecting to meet up with her, but Matt says he doesn't keep up on her comings and goings these days. Tyler conveniently forgets what he and our beautiful Vampire Barbie were up to last night, so he can stop dancing around the subject and be direct (if not straight) with Matt. He says he never thought his friendship with Caroline would a problem for Matt. Matt's all: "It is what it is." Well Pudding Pop, it's way more than friendship, now.

Matt starts to walk off, but when he remembers tonight is a full moon, he turns back to Tyler and says so, adding, "She usually helps you." He's straight with Tyler, if not direct. That is, he doesn't quite come out and offer to see Tyler through his transition tonight, but implies he will in his subsequent questions. Tyler says, "I can handle it, but thanks," then takes a swig of his coffee and grimaces, saying something must be off with his taste buds, today. Matt: "It's the vervain. The sheriff has me slip it into the coffee here every once in a while." Tyler: "That's what vervain tastes like?" It's clear from his expression that he's remembering the coffee his mother gave him that morning. Matt: "Yeah, I'm surprised you can taste it. The coffee usually hides the flavor... for humans, anyway." Matt smiles as he walks off, but Tyler's not smiling at all.

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