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Where was I? Elena. Alaric. Boy Scout/Vampire Slayer. Right. Alaric amends Elena's comment: "Slash whiskey-drinking all around lost cause." Oh Alaric. Take a Celexa, will you? Alaric stops, lays down his backpack full of weapons, and takes out a wolfsbane grenade and tells Elena to put it in her bag. She breaks out the John Gilbert Protect-o ring and asks him to wear it. I think this means they're engaged. Oh wait, Alaric isn't any of the points in this triangle, but these two do have chemistry. Just sayin'... Alaric says the ring is hers. Elena says since she's the doppelganger, it won't protect her. I always feel like this ring mythology is a little too specific. Alaric tells her to keep it for "future generations of stubborn, relentless baby Gilberts." Heh. Elena tells him to at least borrow it until after they survive this. "I'd feel bad if I got you killed before happy hour." While Alaric is fiddling with his backpack, Elena takes off her outer shirt and faces the river as she asks Alaric why he thinks he's a lost cause. Before he can reply, someone pushes Elena into the lake. Alaric spins around, cross-bow at the ready, but it's just Damon. Elena looks up and sees that it's Damon who pushed her. "Damon!" She turns her glare to Alaric. "You sold me out!" Alaric smirks. "You think I'd take you to a mountain range of werewolves on a full moon, without backup?"

Meanwhile over at Kamp Klaus, the werewolves have all been fed Klaus-blood and had their necks snapped, so Klaus feeds Not!Matt some of his blood to help him recover so he can help feed all the baby hybrids when they wake. Transition Completed Ray looks worse than he did when Stefan was torturing him at the Southern Comfort. He's sitting shivering, sputtering and sniveling on a log. Stefan asks Klaus if his master plan is to build an army of hybrid slaves. Klaus corrects him. "They're not slaves. Soldiers. Comrades." Stefan asks what war this is for. I think. It's hard to hear him over Transition Completed Ray's suffering. Klaus says you don't build an army after war is declared. "You build your army so big that no one ever dares pick the fight." Stefan asks how Klaus knows they'll be loyal. Klaus: "It's not hard to be loyal when you're on the winning team. That's something you'll learn once you shake that horribly depressive chip off your shoulder." Stefan laughs. "That's why you're keeping me around -- to witness my attitude adjustment?" Klaus's attention is diverted to Transition Completed Ray, who is doing worse with every moment. Klaus grabs his first born baby hybrid by the face and notes that he's bleeding from the EYES! I go throw up and return, in time to hear Klaus tell Stefan that he'll tell Stefan why he's keeping him around once he decides he needs to know." Stefan looks at Ray's bleeding eyes. I puke again. Stefan says, "That shouldn't be happening, should it?" Klaus: No shit, Sherlock (paraphrase).

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