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Elena's still in the water and she's not coming out because she's...I dunno -- mad at Damon, and because she's a teenaged girl, I guess. When Damon orders her out, she refuses because if she gets out, they'll make her go home. Damon tells her again to get out, but she gives him a petulant, "No," so he strolls right in to face her. I'm not one of the people who hates this Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle, but while I think this scene is, in part, meant to add to the romantic tension, to me, it doesn't work. Every time I watch Damon strut into the water, I get the giggles and by the time I've stopped, the exchange between Damon and Elena is over. Damon tells Elena she's an idiot. Elena tells Damon he gave up on Stefan. Bicker bicker bickerson. She begs him to please help her look for Stefan before the full moon. He finally relents. "Okay. Okay. But we are out of here before the moon is full and I'm werewolf bait." Elena: "I promise." Damon: "Unless you want to revisit that whole deathbed-kissy thing." Elena: "I said I promise." Hee.

Kamp Klaus: Bleeding Eyes Ray is whining that he doesn't feel better even though Klaus said he would. Stefan leans against a tree, and a smirk plays on his lips. "Some master race." Klaus: "Lose the attitude." Just then, Sweetheart gasps and comes back to life. Klaus sends Not!Matt (whose name turns out to be Derek) to go feed his girlfriend. When Klaus grabs Not!Matt's already wounded arm, Bleeding Eyes Ray looks at it, snarls and zoops off further into the forest. Klaus orders Stefan to retrieve him. Stefan Stealth-Salvatores after Bleeding Eyes Ray and tackles him, so of course Bleeding Eyes Ray bites Stefan on the arm and runs off. Stefan starts out after him, but then he hears Damon and Elena still bickering on a nearby hillside and Alaric asking them if they're 12. As Stefan catches site of the Fellowship of the Falls, Klaus approaches him from behind. Stefan does what he can to deflect Klaus's attention and shows him the bite. If Stefan wants more of Klaus's healing blood, he'll need to go find Bleeding Eyes Ray. When Klaus returns to Kamp Klaus, he smiles at the sight of all his baby werepires waking up -- because he can't see Sweetheart's face, and that she's now Bleeding Eyes Sweetheart. Commercial.

Okay, this is nearly at full recap length and it's only a weecap, so I'm going to try to blaze through the rest of it. Hold onto your hats. And get one for Damon too, wouldja, because there's something weird going on with his hair. After the break, we're at the Lockwood mansion. Tyler finds Carol in the study and wastes no time getting to his point. "You put vervain in my coffee, this morning. [...] Let's skip the part we pretend we don't know about the vampires in this town. You were testing me to see if I was a vampire. I want to know why." She says she did it because he's been spending so much time with Caroline, and when he questions her on this, Carol is as blunt as her son. "Let's skip the part where we pretend she's not one of them." As Tyler demands to know where she is, Carol keeps telling him he can't be with Caroline. "She's a monster." Tyler: "You don't know about me. Do you?" Carol: "Know what, Tyler?"

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