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Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Damon warns that the sun is about to set, but Elena reminds him the moon won't reach its apex for a while after that. They have time. Their argument is cut short when they meet up with Bleeding Eyes Ray, who looks at Damon and snarls, "Vampire." As Bleeding Eyes Ray and Damon scuffle, Alaric shoots our new werepire in the back and Elena tosses the wolfsbane grenade to Damon, who sets it off it Bleeding Eyes Ray's bleeding-eyes-face. Alaric identifies him as a werepire, but since Bleeding Eyes Ray is down for the moment, we cut to...

Mystic Falls; Donovan Garage: Jeremy and Matt go through Vicki's things. Jeremy seems particular attached to a certain tank top. Matt laughs as he wonders if Vicki's pipe would make a good item to use when trying to contact her. He then finds a Christmas picture of him and Vicki when they were little. Matt can't deal. He lays the picture on a crate, face down, and tells Jeremy that he can't do this. "You gotta go." Jeremy walks out and the light sort of dims for a second. When Matt turns around, the picture of him and Vicki has righted itself.

Smoky Mountains: The Fellowship of the Falls ties and chains Bleeding Eyes Ray to a tree, and douses the ropes with vervain for good measure. Alaric says they'll never make it to the ridge before the moon rises. Elena suggests that if they question the werepire, they may not have to. But then Bleeding Eyes Ray starts turning into a wolf, even though it is still daylight. The Fellowship's surprise at this sort of takes me out of the moment, because Alaric has already proclaimed Ray a werepire, and they all researched this nonsense last year, so they should know (already do know) that one of the benefits to being a hybrid as that the vampyric bits of the beast are no longer vulnerable to the sun and the werewolf bits are no longer beholden to the moon, but whatever. Damon stands right in front of Bleeding Eyes Ray, and holds back his shoulders, I guess because the ropes might not hold. Elena freaks though, and says they to leave now. At first Damon ignores her, but she insists until he listens to the little of bit of reason that falls from her lips this week.

Kamp Klaus; Nightfall: All the baby werepires have fed off Not!Matt, so Klaus finishes him off. When Bleeding Eyes Sweetheart rounds on Klaus he warns, "Careful, love. There's only one alpha, here." It's then that he stops to take a good look at all his Bleeding Eyes Babies. He realizes they're far less like him than they are zombies. Klaus: "Bloody hell." That's bloody-eyed hell, Satan Klaus.

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