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Elena asks Jeremy why Connor targeted him. Jeremy says, "He said I was like him, because I could see his tattoo." He explains the mostly-invisible hunter's mark to Elena. "Stefan and Damon didn't tell you about it?" Elena says no and asks who else knows. Jeremy says, "That's the thing. I don't even know. Apparently, I was with Connor all day, yesterday, but I can't remember. Someone compelled me." Gritting her teeth, Elena rises to her feet. "I think I know who."

Stefan is hustling Connor out through the tunnels when Damon confronts them. Stefan says he's taking Connor with him, but Damon says even if he has to go through Stefan, he's going to kill Connor. When Stefan refuses, Damon says he knows something's going on with Klaus. Stefan says, "This has nothing to do with Klaus. You're just going to have to trust me on that." Damon: "Don't want to. Don't have to. Not gonna. Now give him to me, brother."

Stefan releases Connor and tells him to run as fast as he can, then flies at Damon. Pinning him against the wall, he tells Damon he's not going to kill Connor. When Stefan won't tell Damon why he's protecting the hunter, Damon thrusts his hand into Stefan's chest and squeezes his heart as he demands an answer. Stefan groans out that Klaus will kill anyone who knows. Damon: "Then it has to be good. Spill it. Spill it!" Finally, Stefan explains about the tattoo map that is a key to a cure. Damon looks almost childlike as he asks, "Klaus told you there's a cure for vampirism." Stefan: "Yeah and if Connor dies, then we'll lose it forever. I know it's crazy, Damon, but it's hope. Do you understand me? It's her only hope." Finally, Damon pulls his hand out of Stefan's chest.

Connor is making his way out of the tunnels when he runs into Elena. She grabs him, takes a big bite out of his neck and says, "You stay the hell away from my brother!" My daughter and I cheer. Now down on his knees, Connor looks up at Elena. "Look at you. Worried about your brother." As he has Elena's attention, he subtly touches his pant leg then adds, "You're the biggest monster he'll ever meet." Elena is thrown by his words, and that's just what Connor was hoping for. While she's still off guard, he grabs his stake and plunges it into her. Elena absorbs the blow then says, "You missed." With one hand, she snaps her prey's neck, and Connor is no more. With his blood still dripping down her mouth (and that one weird little droplet suspended from her chin) she stands over her first kill and struggles for breath. Commercial. Too bad it's not for Wet Ones. Instead of all these cell phone product placements, I think some moist towelette manufacturer should step in and help Elena clean up for fun and profit.

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