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Whitmore College. Bonnie and Professor Shane are facing each other with their eyes closed. Finally Bonnie opens hers and says the hypnosis isn't working. Shane chuckles at her and shows her the clock. They've been at it for seven hours. Instead of being creeped out, like any other halfway sane person would be after finding out someone had been digging around in her brain for seven hours, Bonnie is just amused. Shane takes out a candle. He knows she's made progress today and wants her to try to light it with her mind. She's stronger than the scary sprits and she no longer has to be afraid of anyone. He makes her say, "I don't have to be afraid." Once she does, he has her close her eyes and repeat it. Bonnie complies, but when she opens her eyes, the candle before her is still unlit. Bonnie: "I guess I wasn't good enough." Shane says, "Oh, I don't know." When he looks around, her gaze follows. While the candle between them remains unlit, every other candle in the office is ablaze. Bonnie laughs. We cut to the...

Woods. Elena, with the same blood still dripping down her face, digs a grave for Connor. His corpse lies nearby. Okay. So she got Connor's corpse out into the woods, not only without any trouble (vampire strength) or without being seen (vampire speed and who knows how far the "Underground Railroad" tunnels go), but also without disturbing the blood trail on her lower lip and chin? Seriously? This is just cheap. I get that they want us to see this poor girl is a monster and so much doesn't want to be one, but I feel like this is just...beneath us. The blood could at least be smeared -- like she tried to wipe it off.

The visual of Elena with her first kill's blood on her face isn't worth taking people out of the moment because you know what, Show? We're not thinking, "Oh, how horrible that she's this monster she doesn't want to be," when we see that blood. No, we're just thinking, "I can't believe she didn't wipe it, or that it didn't at least smudge when she was carrying that great big man out to the woods." Besides, she didn't kill him by draining him dry. She snapped his neck, so the blood on her face doesn't emphasize the fact that he was killed because of her bloodlust. Elena is not high on blood, nor was she. She snapped Connor's neck because he shot Tyler like nine times, knifed April and left her for dead, kidnapped Jeremy and threatened his life, tried to kill Stefan, and then staked her in the gut. She killed him in self-defense and in defense of nearly everyone she loves.

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