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Damon and Stefan find Elena crying and digging. She's overcome with guilt. I get that she would feel bad, and I get that she's still unstable, or whatever, but as much as I enjoy this episode, this scene doesn't make me feel the way it should. I'm not getting into Elena's sniveling. We've had it hammered into us forever that she's Our Lady of Compassion. What is good about the scene is Elena giving Stefan hell for keeping secrets from her. "You said I could trust you, Stefan." When Damon tells her it's complicated, Elena says it's not, "...because he's dead, now. You told me to kill him. So I did. I killed--I killed someone. I--I snivel snivel boo hoo." Glad that's done with. Next!

Lockwood Mansion. Tyler holds Hayley in his arms as he consoles her over Dean's death. Caroline catches them in the clinch and asks if she's intruding. "I keep waiting for you to make up some dumb story, so at least I can call you a liar. Is that now?" Heh. Hayley says she'll leave them to talk. Caroline: "Thank you. How big of you."

Once they're alone, after Caroline gives Tyler a little hell, he explains he doesn't have anything romantic going on with Hayley and hasn't. He let Klaus think that's the case so that he wouldn't suspect the truth. "I'd rather him think that, than know the truth. There are other hybrids that need to be set free. Hayley and I can help them, but if Klaus found out about what we're trying to do, he'd kill us all." He's telling the truth and Caroline knows it. That's a nice surprise. Thank you, Show. Also, as I suspected, I misunderstood Tyler's line in the recaplet, but it makes sense now, so yay.

Downtown. Jeremy's sitting on a park bench, taking off his vervain bracelet when Matt and April arrive. She's been compelled by Caroline, so her explanation to Jeremy about why they're "late" is just b.s. to make Matt, Jeremy, and the rest of us feel sorry for this little girl, who gets compelled every time she turns around. She thought they'd go for coffee, but now she sees the Grill is closed. Jeremy begs off. He's feeling a little "over it" today. When Matt says he should get home too, April gets embarrassed and leaves a little too quickly. As she walks off, Jeremy tosses his bracelet to the ground then calls out for her and asks if she dropped it. She insists the bracelet isn't hers, even as Jeremy fastens it around her wrist. She starts to object until Matt uses his cute-boy powers for good and says, "I like it. Yeah. It looks good on you. You should wear it." Flustered, Aprils smiles, agrees and scurries off.

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