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Once the boys are alone, Matt asks the Germ if he's okay. Jeremy: "Yeah. I'm just sick of all the secrets, you know." Matt: "Yeah, tell me about it." As the two walk off, Jeremy's hand catches his eyes. He raises it so we can see. A hunter's mark has begun. The back of Jeremy's hand bears the same symbols carved into Connor's special stakes. Matt can't see it, of course, but he can see Jeremy, and asks what's wrong. Germ "I'm Just Sick of the Secrets" Gilbert lies, "Nothing." We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Damon is in Stefan's room, drinking his Scotch and poring over his diary. Damon asks how Elena is. Stefan says: "Angry, full of guilt. Hasn't said a word to me, other than that she wants to be left alone." A beat. "Is that my journal?" Damon makes no bones about it. "I had to go through six locks to get it. I needed something to back up your insanity. Did you figure out how to tell Klaus he lost a hunter and a hybrid?" Stefan: "He's on a plane, which means I get to live for another six hours." Damon says, "I've got your back, you know, when he comes to murder you." Stefan thanks him, and then more sincerely thanks him for not telling Elena about the cure. She doesn't need to know she killed her chance at humanity. When Damon deems it an alleged chance, Stefan makes it clear he believes everything Klaus said. Stefan says since it's a brotherhood of five, they'll just have to look for other hunters. Damon: "Sure Stefan, since you asked, I'd be happy to go on a suicide mission with you for a potentially non-existent cure. No problem." Stefan: "And a couple of hours ago, you were ready to rip my heart out." Damon: "Because you were being a pain in the ass." Aw, these two.

Damon wants to know why Stefan wants to cure Elena. Is it because she's not cut out to be a vampire, or is it because Stefan loves her if she is one? Stefan: "I'll always love her, but she's not supposed to be this person. I don't want her to be." Damon: "Well, if I'm going to ride this fairy tale to its conclusion, let me be clear about one thing. [...] I'm fine with her either way, brother, so if I do this, I'm doing it for you."

BOOK SPOILER Sidebar: And here's where I want to mention what I know from my kid, about the books, so if you don't want to know skip this paragraph. In the books, Vampire Elena dies, and then she's brought back as sort of an angel who loses some of her angelic qualities (including actual fricking wings) the longer she's back on earth. She still sort of has power, but she's no longer a vampire. Hilariously enough, Damon accidentally takes the cure. I don't really want a cure for Elena, or for anyone. I mean, this series has been hardcore about having all these real, permanent deaths -- Vicki, Jenna, Grams, Alaric, hell, even Isobel, John, and Bill Forbes. It's been real. Death means something on this show. If Elena's vampirism can be cured, then vampirism isn't real on a show called The Vampire Diaries. I know it's always up to the telling, but from this vantage point, I've got to say it's likely to make me feel dallied with, particularly since I've had to watch her puking up blood, and failing to even wipe her mouth across her sleeve. So, I hope that the TV version of the cure is a mirage. The show's called The Vampire Diaries. I want vampires, and we already have Stefan as a mournful vampire. Right now, I'm just so let down, even after what I think was a strong episode. Bah.

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