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Lockwood Mansion. Damon is strategizing with... no, make that to Elena and Tyler, when Stefan walks in. Damon's plan amounts to ripping out Connor's heart and then feeding it to him. Stefan points out that's not much of a plan, as Connor has Jeremy and other hostages. Elena thinks Damon's right, since while the hunter is strong, he's no match for all of them. Tyler's even enlisting hybrid help. Just then, Caroline walks in and reports that her mother has squad cars blocking the street. The official story is that it's a gas leak. Damon is ready to go. Stefan tries to put on the brakes and says no one's going anywhere until he figures out what they're walking into. Damon: "Until you figure it out? Is that where you've been all morning -- out buying bossy pants?" Heh. Stefan reminds Damon that Connor's known for setting traps. "We'd be pretty dumb to walk into one -- especially if he has werewolf venom." Elena: "Does he?" Stefan realizes he's said too much, so he doubles down on his deception and looks Elena straight in the eye as he says, "He's had it before." Damon gives Stefan one hour to do recon, but says they're going to need more help. "Where the hell's the Wicked Witch of the West?" Caroline says Bonnie can't do magic. Damon: "Really? Well call her. Tell her Jeremy's life is in danger. Maybe that will bring her out of retirement."

Whitmore College. Bonnie is flipping through Professor Shane's book, Book of the Occult. When she's all, "I can't believe you wrote a book," I'm all, "I can't believe you said that, because he's a college professor. Publishing really isn't an amazing feat among their breed, Bonbon." Shane said he's written three, but the other two are too mortifying to display (and don't let the closed captioning lead you to believe otherwise). He confiscates her cell phone and then serves Bonnie some tea he got from Aborigine Spirit Guides in Australia. "Trust me. It's better when you smoke it, but I'm trying to be a role model." He's trying to help her get her ju-ju back, so he takes out a metronome and asks her what she knows about hypnosis. He thinks she's afraid to practice magic because of the witch spirits threatening her Grams. She just needs to confront that fear, and that guilt, and..."Remove it." No, really. He says it in bold italics, just like that. Bonnie kind of brushes back her hair as she expresses doubt that this will work. Shane directs her attention to the table between them and says, "How'd you like to put that earring back on." She looks down and then across at the professor, and then smiles.

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