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Kitchen. April confesses to Matt that her dad used to tell her really scary vampire stories. When Matt says they're just stories, April says, "Not to that man out there. There's something so familiar about him." Matt tells her the last thing they need is to buy into Connor's craziness. He opens up a doorway because there used to be an exit through the wine cellar, but it's been bricked over. When April proclaims, "We're screwed," Matt says they're not. He starts chiseling away at the mortar between the bricks. Meanwhile, Stefan approaches from down in the tunnel.

Out on the street, Dean is on the phone with Klaus. The sword has been found (which I failed to mention at the right time). Klaus explains the plan to Dean. Stefan will come at Connor from the other side and free the hostages. Dean's job is to get Connor out alive. "And use caution, mate. He favors booby traps and ambushes." Dean: "Understood."

Inside, at the bar, Jeremy eyes Connor's weapons, but Connor threatens to break all 27 bones in our Germ's hand, if he makes one false move. Jeremy tries to plead the vampires' case. They're not all bad. Connor's heard that before. He had a girlfriend (at least a friend who was a girl) who was turned by a vampire he was hunting. The girl promised she wouldn't get out of control. "But a vampire's like a loaded gun. Eventually, it's going to go off." He shows Jeremy his arm. "That's when I got this." Now the tattoo has been difficult to describe up until now, but in this one shot, we can see it includes a picture of a girl who is probably Hunter's dead girl vamp. Jeremy can't believe Connor killed his own friend. Connor: "Listen. If you're going to be like me, you need to understand. Vampires kill humans. Hunters kill vampires."

When he hears a noise from the kitchen (which -- how did he not hear the chiseling before now?), Connor shuts off the lights, turns up the music and drags Jeremy down behind the bar. Not like that! Dean opens the front door. He spots the nail bomb set nearby and takes great care stepping over the tripwire across the doorway. Unfortunately for Dean, Connor also has the doormat wired to trigger the bomb. It explodes and throws Dean across the room. Out in the kitchen, Matt and April see the whole thing. April turns to run and then screams when she sees someone. It's just Stefan. He covers her mouth and shushes her.

Out in the restaurant, Dean pushes himself up off the floor. Venom-coated nails are sticking out of every part of him, including his head. It reminds me of a messy Hellraiser, even though I've never seen Hellraiser. Why do I even know what that is? Seriously, my brain is its own worst enemy. There's stuff I need to know that I can no longer recall, but show me nails sticking out of someone's head and I'll reference a film I've never seen, based on a book I've never read, featuring a character about whom I know nothing. No, I'm not going to read the Wiki link. I just tossed that up there for you all, 'cause that's how I roll.

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