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So yeah, Hellraiser rises up to his knees. Connor trains some sort of rifle-like weapon on him, but the shot is dark, and when I pause my TiVo, there's junk on the screen blocking my view. No, I don't want to try over 70 digital magazines, free, TiVo. I just want a look at that gun so that I can then fail to accurately describe it to my readers, anyhow. Thanks. So, I think it's got some sort of cage or basket-looking thing on the end. When Connor fires it at Dean, it cuts right through him, leaving a gaping hole where his heart would be. Gaping -- as in you can see right through him to the wall behind him. Dean falls dead to the floor. I wonder is the show being more gory this year, or am I suddenly Suzy Sensitive? Commercial.

Mystic Grill. Kitchen. Stefan gives Damon's phone to Matt. "Follow this map. Get out of here. Take her to Caroline's so she can..." Stefan looks at April. Looks like Auntie Care Bear is going to be doing some compulsion. As the kids are leaving, Matt warns Stefan that Connor is armed. "If you go out there, he's going to kill Jeremy." Stefan says, "No one's killing anyone," which is how we know someone's killing someone, and my money is on Elena doing the killing, which -- YAY!

Cut to Connor's tattoo. Thanks to Dean's death, it's growing, again. Jeremy's watching in disbelief, and even Connor is so impressed with his own arm, that I think Stefan might have a slim chance of sneaking up on him, but no. He hears Stefan, grabs Jeremy, throws him onto another mat that's rigged to a bomb trigger. Stefan is trying to reason with Connor, who's training a handgun in the direction of Stefan's voice. Jeremy yells out, "Stefan?" Stefan looks and realizes Jeremy's standing on a bomb trigger.

Alaric's Apartment. Elena is on the phone. "Stefan, call me. There was an explosion at the Grill. I need to know what's happening." Just then, Damon wakes. "Where's Stefan? I'm going to kill him." When he starts to sit up, the sun filtering through the blinds scorches his hand. Damon moans. Elena can't believe Stefan took Damon's ring. Damon can. "He's playing us. All this stalling. Getting hybrids. Taking my ring. Add it up. He's either made a deal with Klaus or he's been compelled." Elena heads for the door. She's got to get in there. Damon says, "No, Elena, this guy's dangerous." Elena yells, "So am I, Damon!" Woo hoo! Damon looks up her and tells her she needs to be smart. "He doesn't know you're a vampire. You get as close as you can. You kill him." Yeah.

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