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Here's To Duplicity

We cut to the Germ and Bonnie arguing about how dangerous it is for Bonnie to kill Klaus. Bonnie backpedals on the danger, and before Jeremy can say too much more, Elena joins them. When he leaves in a huff, Bonnie lies that he's uptight because he has to dress up for the dance. Next a classmate comes over and tells Elena that a totally hot guy has a crush on her and will be at the dance, tonight. His name? Klaus. Elena and Bonnie realize the girl has been compelled.

Back at Mossy Manse, Stefan and Damon are talking about the incident with Bonnie and Elena, when Klaus walks in. He can enter without an invite because he's only possessing Alaric's body. The body is still a living human, so no invite is required to get him over the threshold. So much for the safe-house concept. Nice try though, boys. Elena, if you need funds for college, mortgage that sucker. The Fellowship then discusses all their plans right in front of their target, and when Klaus and Damon question whether Bonnie is witch enough for the job, she throws Damon across the room with just a hand-wave. Thinking back to Bonnie's opinion of Damon for most of the series to date, I like to imagine she's giggling inside. Stefan's nearly giggling outside. Team Damon is up in arms. And I? I'm cackling. Oh I love him, but he so deserves whatever he gets.

Back at Alaric's place, Katherine is still stabbing herself in the leg when Klaus gets home and starts rifling through Alaric's clothing, looking for a good costume for the dance. He also confers with his manwitch, Maddox, who may not be of African American descent. At least, I can't tell if he is. I mean, my friend's son is a blonde who would fit right in with my tighty whitey family, even though he's of African-American descent. You can't always tell, which is the roundabout way to my point. Hey show, you have a magical character who isn't obviously African American. Good for you! Now you need African American characters who aren't magical. Oh, and ones who aren't Bonnie and yet still get to live. Mkay? Digression aside, Klaus wants Maddox to go to the dance and take Bonnie down. Maddox can't do it. What he can do is cast a protection spell on Klaus so that he can go to the dance, entice Bonnie to exhaust her newly harnessed powers and die in the process.

Matt shows up at Fortress Forbes in a suit and tie to pick up Caroline, who is tres Jackie O for the theme dance. Matt and Liz share a meaningful look after Caroline exits and we flash to Mossy Manse, where Stefan and Elena are having a heart to heart about what a real threat Klaus is. Stefan promises they'll put an end to Klaus tonight, because he doesn't realize there are four episodes after this one -- left to the season.

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