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Back to Bonnie... she's walking down the hall and finally finds Klaus in the lunch room, which might be where she left him in the first place. My TV is really going and it's hard for me to make out details in these dark scenes. Anyhow, Bonnie starts out by hurting him slowly, breaking his fingers and such with her mojo. As she gets rougher, Klaus asks if she'd kill her favorite history teacher. Bonnie says Alaric would want her to, and he'd want her to make Klaus suffer first, too. Bonnie's nose starts to bleed almost right away, though.

There's a quick cut to Elena and Stefan confronting Damon in the hall -- demanding to know where Bonnie is. Damon seems disinclined to help them. Soon they run off. When they approach the lunch room, Bonnie magically closes the doors and continues assaulting Klaus. Lightbulbs are busting and sparks rain down on our warriors. Elena screams at Bonnie to stop and bangs on the door window. Bonnie turns and gives her BFF the saddest look and goes back to battle, but soon collapses on the floor. The lights go out and Stefan and Elena can finally open the doors. Klaus just disappears, which I don't really get, but whatever. Let's just pretend he's Stealth-Savatored out of there. Elena and Stefan drop to their knees and conclude that Bonnie is dead, because they don't realize there are still 15 minutes left in the episode. When Damon arrives on the scene, he orders Stefan to get the weeping Elena out of there and back to the Manse. He'll clean up. Elena is horrified at the idea that Damon is going to dump Bonnie's body, but they can't risk the Sheriff finding out about her death.

As soon as Damon loads Bonnie into the trunk of his car, Jeremy runs up, saying he got Damon's message but can't find anyone. "Where's Elena? Where's Bonnie?" Damon says they need to have a little talk and we cut to...

Mossy Manse: Elena is in the parlor sitting by the fire, sobbing and shivering. Stefan brings her a drink and softly encourages her to have some. I hope it's not blood. As Elena cries that it's her fault Bonnie is dead, Stefan points out that it's Klaus's fault. It's then that Damon walks in. Elena goes right for him and will have none of it when Damon talks over her and tells Stefan to calm her down. That's my girl. She calls him on talking about her like she's not there, so he tells her directly to calm down, and she does what I certainly would do. She smacks his face once he admits that he knew Bonnie was likely to die expending all that 100-witch-juice power. Damon continues talking, and takes his damned sweet time coming out with the true story. When he eventually gets it out, Elena learns that Damon and Bonnie knew they needed Klaus to believe Bonnie was dead, which meant Elena had to be convinced Bonnie was dead, but Bonnie's not so very dead after all. She cast a spell, and although Damon doesn't spell out the spell, it seems to me it must just be a spell that mimics death, although there certainly is plenty of speculation out there that she actually died for a time. Spell spell spell spell spell spell spell. I'm no longer sure I'm spelling that correctly. A lot of people have bagged on this fake-out for being predictable. It doesn't bother me, I think because until the reveal, although I knew Bonnie and Damon must have been up to something, I couldn't figure out what it was. Part of me wondered if she was going to be vamp-witch, 'cause that'd be cool.

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