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Mama Mulva: SPLAT!!!

Damon is drinking and arguing with Stefan about trusting Elijah simply because Elena does. Damon doesn't understand and while my feminist side appreciates Stefan respecting Elena's agency, my maternal side is sooooooooooo with Damon. Stefan is putting his faith in Elena because she chose to trust him despite what he is. "If I'm going to bet on somebody's instincts, it's going to be hers." Damon does a little eye-thing for our viewing pleasure. "Well then that makes you the biggest idiot of them all." When Stefan reminds Damon that Elena has chosen to trust him, too, Damon snarks, "Maybe you shouldn't be so sure about her instincts.

Elena and Elijah have a little heart-to-heart. She is willing to do this, even though Elijah's Elixir mightn't work, because she's the key to breaking the curse and she's got to do what she can to stop Satan Klaus from hurting people. She knows the chance she's taking and she's fine with it. I think Elijah's halfway to being a smitten kitten.

Sidebar of Idle Wishful Thinking: let Elena get vamped and give her a season of mayhem and macking with Elijah, while Stefan and Damon go out of their minds with jealousy (and possibly fool around with Caroline and Bonnie). Just a thought. Oh dear, I hope you variously portmanteau-ed 'shippers don't kill me. I just really like Elijah, m'kay?

From the hallway we hear a door slam and Jenna screaming at someone to get out. Hey, she's not just raising a ruckus, she's aiming a crossbow right at his chest. And he? He is Alaric, and it's really Alaric, as we know, but the Fellowship of the Falls wants proof it's not Klaus-In-Alaric, so Alaric blurts out: "The first night you and I spent together, Jeremy walked in right when I was about to..." Jenna stops him short and confirms it's Alaric and eventually lowers the crossbow, too. Klaus let him go to deliver this message: "The sacrifice happens tonight." Meaningful looks abound as if this is news, but we opened the episode with Elijah saying that was a pretty sure thing, so yawn.

Meaningful music swirls around Tyler as he visits poor Mama Mulva in the hospital. YAY, he's back!

The Grill: Caroline startles Matt. She's got to run some errands but stopped in for a quick kiss and will be back shortly. As soon as Vampire Barbie departs, Matt joins Sheriff Forbes at her table. He's conflicted, because there's nothing about Caroline that makes him think she's a monster. Liz points out that Damon was her closest ally and yet he killed Vicki. Pudding Pop tries to get Liz to reconsider that maybe it's just Damon that's the problem. Liz won't hear him out, even though she's struggling with the same feelings, so she apologizes for involving him and leaves.

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