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Mossy Manse: Noticing Damon is missing, Elena leaves the Fellowship of the Falls and finds him in his bedroom. They argue about the efficacy of Elijah's Elixir. Damon is not willing to risk her life. Elena asserts that since it's her life, it's her choice. Their hands touch and sparks fly, as he tells her he can't lose her. Elena assures him he won't, but as she starts out of his room, there's an overload in his eye-thing circuits. Before you know it, he Stealth-Salvatores right up in her grill, tells her there's another way, puts on his game face, bites into his own wrist and force-feeds our girl his blood, despite her protests. My inner-feminist damns the man. My inner-mommy cheers!

While we're at commercial, riddle me this.... Why has a prophylactic dose of vampire blood not been discussed before? In their universe, if someone dies with vampire blood in her system, she will come back as a vampire, right? Now, I'm not saying Elena would go for that, but the subject has never even been broached. Hell, why wasn't it broached when Elijah wanted to save Katerina back in 1492? I want to know if there are contraindications to the Doppelganger Ritual, if the Doppelganger has vamp blood in her system when Satan Klaus drains her dry. Or, I at least want to know that someone considered it in the past 500 years. Why was that not Elijah's first move to save La Petrova, rather than getting witches to cook up some untried elixir? We know that by actually getting vamped, Katerina disqualified herself as the sacrifice, but what about this solution? Will this make Elena an unacceptable sacrifice? I'm sorry. This has been annoying me for weeks and we get so close to it tonight and yet we still only dance around it. Never mind. The commercials are over and so is this digression. For now.

Stefan zooms into the room and pushes Damon and Elena apart as he demands to know what Damon has done. Damon says he's just saved her life. This way, if she does die, at least they know she'll come back. Stefan is furious. "As a vampire!" The boys snarl at each other about choice versus life, but as I mentioned at the outset, this is no place for politics. Stefan just doesn't understand how Damon, of all people, could take this choice away from Elena, since Damon has been hella pissed at Stefan for basically the same thing since 1864. When Elena looks up at Damon in disbelief, he says, "Go ahead. Wish me an eternity of misery. Believe me, you'll get over it." While I love all the callbacks to Damon's arc, Stefan can no longer control himself and now that he doses up on human blood, he's Damon's equal in a fight. When Damon snarls at his brother: "Admit it, you just wish you had the balls to do it yourself," Stefan pounds the snot out of him. Still, Damon bests him by staking him in the gut. By then Jenna and Alaric have joined the fun. They urge Damon out of the room, and Alaric tells Jenna where to get blood bags so that they can tend to suffering Stefan who is apologizing to Elena for not stopping Damon.

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