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As I was reworking this weecap, news broke that Osama Bin Laden had been shot and killed by the Navy SEAL's elite counter-terrorism unit, formerly (and still colloquially) known as Team 6 (ST6). I am here to talk about TV, not world affairs and politics, but I just have to note that development, here. I have a family member preparing for his second deployment to Afghanistan. Every single day, people are fighting, killing and dying for us, and it has gone on so long, that I am ashamed to admit there are days I don't think about it at all. There are days that the most pressing issue occupying my mind is that my kid won't stop talking with his mouth full of food; my allergies are out of control; the pinched nerve in my neck is acting up; there are only two episodes left in this season of The Vampire Diaries. Today is not one of those days. If you or a loved one is serving, has served, or will serve in the military, please know you have my profound gratitude. When we put our kids to bed, we pray with them our for our Ranger who is on his way back overseas. Starting tonight, we are praying for you and yours, too -- for those who serve, for those who are recovering, for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, for those who mourn, and for those who wait at home with hearts full of fear and hope. Thank you does not begin to cover it, but what else is there? Thank you. In return, I can only offer momentary, frivolous escape. Fortunately, that's right in my wheelhouse. If you want to leave reality behind and enter into a world where monsters are not of our own species, and can be defeated by herbs, ash, magic, stakes, the love of a beautiful woman, or a flick of the remote control, I am so your girl. Follow me...

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries we learned that there is no Curse of the Sun and the Moon. What there is -- is a curse or binding spell on Satan Klaus, who is not only an Original Vampire, but also a werewolf. He has been after the Doppelganger (our fair Elena Gilbert), the moonstone, and a spare vampire and werewolf or two, to use as ingredients in the Doppelganger Ritual which will free his inner werewolf, make him a true hybrid, and position him to be the invulnerable sire of a new and terrible race of what I'm calling blood wolves, because although I love the word portmanteau, I am largely over the use of portmanteaux, except for when I'm not. The only time Satan Klaus will be killable by magic (at least in a way that won't kill the witch who wields it) is after he has sacrificed the Doppelganger, and is transitioning into a werewolf for the first time, because as Tyler Lockwood and his beautiful Uncle Brick House before him showed us, transitioning into a werewolf is not for sissies. It is for beautiful, nearly nekkid, muscular young men, who will writhe and moan -- eyes full of tears, sweat trickling... Oh my. I'd best move on, yes?

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