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One Down...

Stefan is in his Mossy Manse bedroom playing with his stake. Elena finds him and notes he's been awfully quiet since he got home. Stefan says he'll be a ball of sunshine as soon as Damon returns with Alaric's stake. Wait a second, Show. I know vampires heal fast and all and you want to give Stefan and Elena this moment to talk, but seriously? Damon is the one playing messenger right now? Hell, couldn't Caroline have gone to get the stake? Damon should be in his beautiful bedroom with attached, covet-worthy bathroom, downing a six pack of B positive. Let me start a new paragraph and get back on track.

Elena tells Stefan that when he was so intent on killing Klaus all alone, he scared her. Stefan's had a change of heart. He's now decided Klaus isn't worth all the time and energy he's spent hating him. Stefan says they lost and it's over. Now he's right back where he started. Elena reminds him that although Klaus put him through hell, he's come out the other side. He beat Klaus by being better than him. Stefan is mourning all he's lost in the process. Hating Klaus was easy. It allowed him to ignore everything he let slip away. Now he has to face that. He asks Elena to admit it ("it" being that he's lost her). Elena says she can't because she never stopped loving him. Stefan knows that, but he also knows that she's also in love with Damon. Elena says, "No," but then stumbles over her words. Stefan tells Elena that he loves her and will always love her, but he needs her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn't feel something for Damon. Elena can't speak at first. She shakes her head and then finally admits she doesn't know what she feels. When she can say no more, Stefan closes his eyes and bows he head for a moment. When he looks at her again, his eyes are bright with tears. He nods, picks up his stake and walks off.

Damon arrives at Alaric's loft. Alaric goes to his bookshelf to retrieve the stake, and removes a handful of books. Damon mocks Alaric's hiding spot, pointing out that at least his own firewood hiding spot was clever. Alaric doesn't respond, because the shelf is bare. They guys look behind other books. Alaric says it couldn't have vanished into thin air. Damon asks Alaric who else he's told about the stake.

Alaric: I'm the only one who knew about it, Damon.

Damon: No. Are you telling me that your vampire-hating alter-ego has a stake that could kill an entire line of vampires -- POSSIBLY MINE?

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