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One Down...

Damon: No you don't.

Ric: Unlike the other two psycho killers in this room, I actually feel bad about being a psycho killer.

Damon: If you wanted to turn yourself in, you'd do it, rather than talk about it to us, because you know we're not going to allow it.

Stefan: The herbs are working and we have Originals to kill. You're helping. That's that.

Damon: Here's your ring, Ric. Put it on.

Recapper: Okay, I'm really glad you've taken that off, Damon, but um...this is a bad idea. You're giving Ric anti-psycho killer herbs, while encouraging him to wear the psycho killer-making ring. Do you not see how this might be counter-productive?

Ric: What she said.

Damon: The ring is the reason you're alive. You're going vampire hunting. Wear it.

As Alaric slides the ring back on his finger, we cut to Elena and Caroline, who are out for a walk in the woods. Let's hope the women are smarter than the men. Caroline's naturally upset by the fact that her history teacher and friend is the person who killed the father who tried to torture the vampire out of her. Elena exposits about Bonnie's de-psycho killer spell and the herbs, which are healing Alaric and keeping the dark side "buried." That doesn't exactly make everything okay with Caroline. Elena understands and doesn't expect it to, but points out that Ric is a victim of something supernatural.

Elena: He didn't ask for this, just like Abby Abandoner didn't ask to become a vampire.

Recapper: I think an argument could be made that Abby did ask to become a vampire, on account of how she SUCKS SO VERY HARD! Ahem. Sorry, ladies. Continue.

Elena: Okay, she didn't explicitly ask for it. Neither did Stefan, or Tyler.

Caroline: Or me.

Elena nods gently and, without ever saying it, reminds Caroline that she too has taken human life. Elena also points out that none of them asked for this, but wonders who she would be if she turned her back on any of them. Caroline is touched by this. She puts her arm around her friend and proclaims her: "Elena Gilbert, savior of the cursed and the damned." Go team girlfriends! The friendships between our female characters have always been one of my favorite parts of the show, and they've been fading into the background for far too long.

The girls meet up with my Pudding Pop, Matt Donovan, who asks what's up with the cryptic text and secret meeting. Elena doesn't know, and says Stefan just said to meet there. Okay, um... I know Stefan is on the road to redemption and all, but it's not like he's settled down and bought a house on a few acres in Redemption Village. It would take more than a cryptic text about a secret meeting from Stefan to get me out to the middle of the woods where no one could hear my screams -- that is, before he ripped off my head and I no longer could scream.

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