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One Down...

We cut to Klaus Haus. Klaus has just literally thrown Finn into the house. Rebekah tells Klaus to "gather [his] witch," get Finn's blood and get on with it. Wait a minute! If all you need is his blood, why didn't you just take his blood in Atlanta? See what I mean about the stupid? I would find it far more believable that Finn returned for Sage at just the time Klaus was trying to unlink them, than that they manhandled him all the way back to Mystic Falls. Okay. I'll let it go, now, because I enjoyed this episode far more than the past few.

Finn says they can't force him to help them. Um, they just forced you back to town? All they need is blood. I can't.... All right, I said I was letting go. Here comes Sage down the gorgeous Klaus Haus staircase. She's Klaus's leverage over Finn. This week, Sage is an open faced, love smitten, likable woman, even though for the last two weeks, she's been a rape pimp. I can't wait for her to die. The long lost lovers embrace. Rebekah mocks them. Klaus gets a text from Kol saying to let him know when he's needed. Rebekah asks Klaus what he needs from her. He just wants her blood and her blessing. She's got some unfinished business with Damon and she'd like to get down to it.

Over at Mossy Manse, Damon hides some Son of White Oak stakes among his firewood, so Alaric mocks him about the time he hid the moonstone in his soap dish. Damon asks Alaric where he hid his stake, but before he can answer, there's a crashing noise upstairs. They go to investigate. Ric gets thrown down the stairs. Damon turns around, only to have Rebekah stake him in the gut. Commercial.

Matt, Caroline and Elena are downtown. Elena mentions that she hasn't been able to reach Bonnie. Caroline kind of looks like she wants to say maybe Bonnie's avoiding Elena's calls, but before she says anything at all, Matt notices Finn and Sage across the street. Caroline uses her vamponic hearing to tune in on their conversation. Sage still loves Finn. She doesn't want him to die.

When Stefan returns to Mossy Manse, he's on the phone with Elena. She tells him Finn is downtown with an ex-girlfriend. Stefan figures out it must be Sage. Elena wants to take advantage of the opportunity to kill Finn, but Stefan warns her that since Sage is so old and powerful, it's too dangerous. Elena tells Stefan to get Damon and get downtown, just as Stefan happens upon poor, injured Alaric. When Stefan asks what happened to him, Alaric says Rebekah did. Stefan tells Elena he thinks they have a problem. When do they not?

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