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The Murder of One

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One Down...

Klaus Haus, Torture Salon. Damon's just hanging around (sorry) bleeding and suffering, when Elena walks in. He can't believe his eyes, and he shouldn't, because this is all a Rebekah-induced hallucination, but we don't know that yet. Hallucination Elena frees Damon's hands from the animal traps. He can barely stand, so she bears his weight as they make their way through the mansion. Damon falls and says he needs a minute. Elena offers him her wrist and orders him to drink her blood. He hesitates at first, but she persuades him. They stare into one another's eyes as he drinks. When he's done, they are about to kiss, but the hallucination ends.

Damon: You bitch.

Rebekah: It's not fun when someone messes with your thoughts is it?

Damon: Actually, I was having a pretty good time in there.

Rebekah: I hope you were nicer to Elena than you were to me.

Audience: No you don't.

Damon starts to psychoanalyze Rebekah. He knows he couldn't have hurt her that much, so he figures she's acting out because Klaus has been bossing her around for a thousand years. Damon's not as good as Elena is at talking Rebekah down, so she stakes him in the gut.

Down in the Magical Parlor, Bonnie hears the screams. Klaus tells her not to let it bother her. Bonnie tells him he bothers her, and lays a righteous slap-down on him for using others. Klaus twists the knife about Abby abandoning her, again, and says he can have people find Abby and bring her back to Bonnie, alive or in pieces, if she likes. He issues more of his standard brand of threats, then breaks out his sibling blood collection. He bites into his own wrist and asks Bonnie where she wants the blood. She holds out a wine glass, and he bleeds into it.

At the Grill, Sage introduces Finn to Tequila, as Stefan uses his vamponic hearing to eavesdrop on their conversation. A vampire, Troy (Linds Edwards), greets Sage and then walks off. She explains she turned Troy, because she's in enemy territory and it never hurts to have backup. Matt comes over to the table to take away their empty glasses. Sage grabs his arm way too hard, and I try to kill her with my brain. She then orders another round. Matt laughs more easily than I'd expect him to, and says he'll tell their waitress. When he then takes Stefan's empty glass, Stefan stealthily slides him a bottle of vervain.

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