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The Murder of One

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One Down...

In a quick cut to Klaus Haus, we see Bonnie begin the spell.

Back in the Grill, Finn asks how many people Sage has turned over the years. She admits it's a lot, but points out he turned her. He says his passion overtook his morals. Sage says that happens to her on a daily basis. Can they be dead yet? Stefan texts someone: "Get ready."

Klaus Haus. Bonnie's still doing the spell.

Grill. A waitress brings Sage and Finn their drinks. When they take a sip, they spit it out, because of the vervain. Stefan, who is already at the door, gives them a come-hither look and heads outside.

Klaus Haus. Bonnie's still doing the spell. The puddle of blood in the middle of the table starts to spread into a vaguely five-pointed shape.

Stefan waits outside the Grill. When Finn comes out, he tries to jump him, but Sage knocks him down. The stake falls down the exterior stairs leading to the Grill's basement. Sage holds Stefan down and yells at Finn to retrieve the stake.

Klaus Haus: Bonnie Latinates really loudly. The candles flare. The blood has now separated into five separate pools.

Grill Exterior. Finn rushes down the stairs. The Grill basement door flies open. Elena's holding Alaric's stake-shooting crossbow and Matt Donovan has her back. Elena fires a stake. It hits Finn in the gut. Then Matt charges and thrusts his stake in Finn's heart. Please note: the only ordinary human in the Fellowship is the first member of the Fellowship to kill an unkillable original. Yay, Pudding Pop! Sage screams. Matt and Elena rush back inside and close the door. Sage rushes to Finn's side. Stefan rises to his feet takes in the sight of a Son of White Oak staked Original, then leaves. Sage cries over Finn as he dies. I should be moved but I hate her, and the show never gave me much of a reason for engaging with Finn's character, either, so cry and die, suckers. I'm popping some corn! Like his father before him, Finn's corpse bursts into flames at the moment of death, burning up both him and one of the Son of Oak stakes. Sage jumps back from the flames and continues to cry. I wrap this scene in pink hearts and ribbons.

Klaus Haus. Bonnie is spent. Klaus is Klaus. The music is DRAMATIC. After a break, we return. Rebekah meets up with Bonnie as Klaus is escorting her out. After Rebekah spouts a little social saccharine at Bonnie, she walks off. It's then that Bonnie sees poor Damon.

Bonnie: Oh my God.

Recapper: Right? Please tell me Rebekah didn't put a plaid shirt under Damon's blue over-shirt. There's only so much torture a vampire can take. Oh, wait. That's just blood, thank goodness.

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