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Damon sits down and faces his patient. "Here's the thing, Jeremy. You're gonna go out of town for a while, a long while..." Damon turns on his compulsion eyes, and then continues. "You're going to stay with some nice, family friends in Denver. You're gonna be at a new school. You're gonna meet new girls -- living girls. You're gonna drink a few beers, take an art class. You can do whatever you want." Alaric adds, "Tell him he's gonna leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it." Damon turns to Elena who closes her eyes as she nods in agreement. Damon: "You're going to leave Mystic Falls behind, and never think twice about it." Elena tears up. Damon finishes: "You're going to have a better life, Jeremy." When Damon closes his own eyes, Jeremy snaps out of his little trance. Now he's not all badass anymore. Rip off.

Abandoned Mansion: Stefan brings Bonnie into the room with the coffins that are now visible again. She walks to the one that is set apart. "This is the one that I've dreamt of." It almost feels like this scene is out of sequence. Should this be her first time seeing them, if she helped make them invisible? And if it isn't her first time, wouldn't she have mentioned that before? And if she didn't help, how were the dead witches able to make the coffins invisible and then visible, when Stefan showed them to Damon? Ugh!

Anyhow, Stefan tells Bonnie the casket won't open. He's tried everything. He can't even scratch the finish. Bonnie figures it must be closed via a magical spell. Bonnie figures the witches led her there for a reason, and whatever is inside that coffin is the answer. So, is it the original Petrova, or Mama Original, or hell, maybe chock full of new, charged up protect-o rings?

Elena sees Damon out. She's second-guessing her decision to compel Jeremy, as well she should, but Damon tells her that even if the Germ finds out and gets pissed off again, "...estranged is bad, dead is worse." When Elena thanks Damon and tells him she doesn't know what she'd do, were he not there, Damon swallows hard. He then tells Elena that she should know Stefan didn't screw them over. He then corrects: "He screwed us over, but he had a good reason." Stefan saved Klaus to save Damon (although he doesn't share the details) and then stole the coffins to get even with Klaus. Elena doesn't understand what it even means that Stefan still cares about protecting Damon.

Damon says, "What does it mean? It means I'm an idiot, because I thought, for one second, that I wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore." Elena: "Guilty for what?" Damon: "For wanting what I want." Elena, who knows she is what Damon wants, takes this in, but doesn't object; she just whispers, "Damon." Damon says, "I know believe me, I get it. My brother's girl, and all..."

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