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Bonnie's not dreaming when she enters the abandoned mansion this time, and she can hear whispers, but finds there are no coffins in the cellar. She turns when she hears a deep, "Hello, Bonnie." It's Stefan. Commercial. Stefan wants Bonnie's help. She points out she's not inclined to help him, given how he betrayed the Fellowship of the Falls in Operation Kill Klaus. Stefan tells her about Klaus's daggered family members. He has the coffins and needs Bonnie to help keep them hidden. Bonnie points out that Stefan is just going to further enrage Klaus and thank you Bonnie, because it feels like when Klaus freed Stefan from compulsion, he maybe also freed him from his sense of...common sense. Stefan: "His family is his one weakness. As long as I have that, I can ruin him." Bonnie says she doesn't have enough power to hide four Originals. How would she know unless she tried? Stefan says she's a witch who hates Klaus. She can probably figure something out.

Gilbert Gables: Elena and Alaric are cooking together as she frets about Jeremy, who picks just that time to walk in. Alaric encourages Jeremy to stick around so they can have, "...a meal together, like a typical atypical family." When Germ wonders what this is all about, Elena tells him they know he got fired and didn't tell them. Germ asks for a rain check, because he has plans with Tyler, who is waiting outside. Alaric and Elena are alarmed because of Tyler's sire-bond with Klaus. When tries to leave, Alaric and Elena insist he stay, so in a lovely, reckless fit of teenaged pique, Jeremy issues a loud invitation to Tyler.

Mossy Manse: Damon is pouring himself a drink. My Twitter friend, Lucia tweets: "Really, the most deadly drinking game for this show would just be to drink when the characters drink." Klaus lets himself in and says it's time for the two of them to have a drink. Damon says they're overdue. Klaus snarks how busy Damon's been with all his plotting and scheming. Damon: "You know me, never miss a chance to plan an epic failure." Klaus smiles as he taunts Damon about his own brother betraying him. Damon shoots back about how he enjoyed watching when Rebekah lied to Klaus (to lure him back to town). Klaus asks where Rebekah is. Damon: "That's the thing with younger siblings, you just never know what they're going to do."

Gilbert Gables: Elena is a little uncomfortable having Tyler in the house, given that he's a hybrid and all, and she makes no secret of it. When things turn awkward, Alaric decides that now might be a better time to question the hybrid who now has a standing invitation to the house, rather than berate him, and asks Tyler what the difference is between compulsion and the sire-bond. Tyler says compulsion is mind-control akin to hypnosis, whereas the sire-bond is like faith. "You do something because you believe it's the right thing." He insists he doesn't serve Klaus, but does say he owes him, for releasing him from the werewolf curse that was ruining his life. When Alaric asks what Ty would do if Klaus asked him to jump off a bridge, Ty is all He wouldn't, plus, I'm a hybrid, duh. I'd survive. Elena ups the stakes and asks what Tyler would do if Klaus asked him to rip out his own heart. Tyler is agitated as he insists Klaus wouldn't do that. Elena: "But what if he did?" Tyler raises his voice. "I don't know. Then I'd rip out my own heart." Jeremy, Alaric and Elena exchange YIKES looks at that, but Tyler is in his own little world and complains that they sound like Caroline, freaking out over something they don't understand. Elena reminds Tyler how Klaus has terrorized them all, so no, she doesn't understand Tyler's blind loyalty to this monster. Tyler: "You're over-thinking it. I can still make my own decisions." Like about the proper attire when ripping out one's own heart, maybe? Um.

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