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Mossy Manse: While Klaus and Damon are drinking, Damon learns that Stefan stole the Originals' coffins. Damon would be up for finding Stefan, but points out he sure as hell doesn't work for Klaus. Klaus smirks as he notes Damon's drink is laced with vervain, so he knows he can't compel him. "And there'd be no point in killing you, because you're actually the one with the most hope of getting me what I need, and yet it would seem a demonstration is in order. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough when I told you to find Stefan. Oh well, it seems you people respond best to displays of violence. Why don't you take this as an example of my reach." At that, he whips out his cellphone says, "There he is. So...that thing I told you to do, why don't you go ahead and get on with it."

Gilbert Gables: Tyler is not on the phone when we cut back to Elena's kitchen, but Germ is just ending a call. Oh, no! When Elena asks what it was about, Germ lies, "It was nothing." Tyler decides it's time to go. When he leaves, Elena and Alaric talk about the sire-bond thing, and how it's like cult-logic. Elena turns to point out to Jeremy that Tyler isn't perhaps the best company, but he's gone, and he's left his protect-o ring on his plate. Elena grabs it and they walk out in search of the Germ, who is standing in the middle of the road. An SUV comes screaming around the corner. Alaric, who is wearing his own ring (which was once John's and then John gave it to Isobel, who gave it to Alaric, who had to give it back to John, who left it to Elena, who gave it back to Alaric -- you got that?) rushes out into the road, pushes Jeremy out of the way, and takes the hit from the SUV, himself. Upon impact, his body flies into the air, then smashes into the SUV's windshield, before landing on the street with a splat. We go to commercial, so Elena can catch her breath.

Elena runs to Alaric's side. The SUV returns, more slowly this time. The driver lowers the window. It is, to no one's surprise, Tony, who says, "There I go again, bumping into people." When he drives off, Jeremy rushes over to Elena and Alaric's corpse. When Jeremy is confused by what happened, Elena asks him who was on the phone. It takes Jeremy a moment to remember it was Klaus. Elena realizes Jeremy was compelled and insists they get Alaric inside.

Klaus Haus: Klaus has either purchased or is squatting in an enormous mansion. Inside, he gives instructions to one of his hybrids about compelling the construction workers to gut this and open up that. When Tyler arrives, Klaus tells him that Tony ran over Alaric rather than the Germ, but it's all the same to him, the message has been sent. Tyler recoils. "You said you were sending them a warning." Klaus: "And I did. An effective one. Elena's family suffers. She's motivated to get me what I want." Tyler wasn't expecting they'd have to kill anyone. Klaus instructs Tyler to get over the remnants of his human guilty conscience (and I just typed "guilty chocolate" -- which I, right now, high hosey -- for future use as a book title, blog, band name or religion). "At the end of the day, human life is just a means to an end -- our means to our end. You'd do well to remember that." Tyler looks like he both likes and loathes this idea, which lets me hold out some hope for him.

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