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When Elena gets outside, Damon tells her he'll talk to Stefan. Elena reminds him the witches won't let him enter the house. Damon hands her the keys to his car and says, "You deal with your brother. I'll deal with mine." He Stealth Salvatores his way through the house, sizzling all the way down to the basement. Stefan smirks. "Wow. That was impressive, but the coffins aren't here, so you can go away now." Damon doesn't care about the coffins and says they need to talk. When he starts sizzling again, he swoops in on Stefan and Stealth Salvatores him outside. Once he has Stefan pinned to the ground, Damon breaks a stick off a tree and stakes Stefan in the stomach. "That is for screwing up my plan. You stop me from killing Klaus and you steal his family. Why? It doesn't make sense!" He stakes Stefan again. Stefan groans that Klaus stripped him of everything, so now he's doing the same to him. Damon stakes him yet again and demands to know why Stefan screwed up Operation Kill Klaus. Stefan finally admits what we've known for some time. "I did it to save you."

Damon is surprised enough by little bro's confession that Stefan is able to throw him off and pull the stake out of his body. He explains that the hybrids were compelled (sire-bound, ordered, whatever) to kill Damon if Klaus died. Damon rises to his feet. "When are you gonna get it through your head..." He stakes Stefan in the gut again. "Stop saving me." Damon walks off and leaves Stefan struggling on the ground.

Woods: Tyler is sitting alone on a log, drinking straight from the bottle. Behind him, Jeremy lurks with the crossbow, but Tyler has his wolfy sense of smell and his vamponic hearing, so without even turning around, he says, "Don't do it, Jeremy." Jeremy: "Why not? You stab my back. I stab yours." Tyler admits that yes, Klaus asked him to get Jeremy off the vervain, but he never though he was going to kill Jeremy. Jeremy's all, Duh, it's Klaus. Tyler insists Klaus doesn't have grand designs to kill the Germ, all he wants to do is get his family back. Jeremy shoots an arrow at Tyler, but Tyler catches it and yells, "What the hell?!" Jeremy: "Whenever Klaus wants something, someone ends up dead. You think about that next time, before you blindly do whatever he says." As Jeremy leaves, Tyler warns him that he should get home and stay inside. "Klaus isn't going to stop until he gets all those coffins back. He's not done with you." And that's who you invited into your home in a fit of pique, Jeremy.

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