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Damon returns to the abandoned mansion and finds Stefan just out front. Damon can't figure out why Stefan would save him. "Is it brotherly love? A guilty conscience? Is the switch on? Is the switch off?" When Stefan asks Damon if he doesn't have somewhere else to be, Damon says, "Ah, deflection. That's not going to work on me. I invented that." He says he won't go away until Stefan tells him why he saved him. Stefan's not playing. Damon moves on to his next question. "Why did you steal the coffins?" Stefan says Klaus's family is the one weakness he can use against him. Damon wants to know what use is that. "You're not going to kill him. You know how I know -- 'cause there was only one way to kill him, and you blew that to save me." Stefan says, "You're wrong, Damon. Klaus doesn't just get to live forever. There's another way. There has to be." Damon says, "Fair enough. Whatever you do, I want in." Stefan says he doesn't need his help. Damon points out that right now, his big strategy seems to be hiding out in a haunted house. Heh. Damon says, "If you go after Klaus, you're going to need to be cutthroat and devious. I'm so much better at that, than you." Um, not at all, considering Stefan was able to thwart you in Operation Kill Klaus, Damon. Sorry. Just sayin'... Damon tells Stefan if he's going to keep saving his life, he might as well make it for a good reason. Finally Stefan relents. "But it's just me and you. Elena stays out of it." Damon's good with that. Stefan walks towards the house and tells Damon to follow him. Damon reminds Stefan that he doesn't seem so welcome in the mansion. Stefan says it's okay now, because "We all want the same thing." An end to this Klaus storyline? I mean really.

Sidebar: Someone should have been yelling all along that there has to be another way to kill Klaus. I have lost patience with this part of the Original mythology too, because it makes no sense for a show of this nature to include a truly unkillable villain, and so I've never thought he would be one. Were he to be truly unkillable, the series would (arguably) end with Klaus being all alone in the world, for all eternity, and that's hardly where this show is going. So we've had to sit through this pretense that there's just the one way to kill him, and then lose that one way to kill him, so now we can sit through the search for the double-secret other way to kill him. I'm bored.

Inside the mansion, Stefan tells Damon to have a look. There are no coffins there. Then Stefan says, "Have another look," and voila, coffins! "The Witch Spirits hate Klaus as much as we do. They're using their powers to hide the coffins." So did Bonnie help or not?

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