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The Night Of the First Kiss

The Grill: Matt re-bandages Vicki's wound, and when Stefan approaches, he thanks him for finding his sister. Meanwhile, Caroline bitches to Bonnie about all the drama. "Ever notice how the druggies are the biggest attention whores?" Bonnie's lips say, "Yeah," but her eyes say, "Ha. I never pegged you for a druggie." Stefan stops by their table and inquires after Elena. Bonnie tells him she went home, and then stops him to give him Elena's cell number and e-mail. While Bonnie writes, she says, "She is big on texting. And you can tell her I said so." The two share a friendly smile, but when their fingers touch while Bonnie hands him Elena's info, she has a psychic moment. Her hand recoils from his and her eyes grow wide. "What happened to you?" Bonnie comes fully out of her daze and apologizes for being rude as she scurries from the table. When Stefan looks to Caroline for an explanation, all she can say is, "Yeah...she kind of...wigs out. It's like her thing." I wonder what he thinks about the decline in conversation over the past -- oh let's say century and a half.

Gilbert House: Elena finds Aunt Jenna scouring Jeremy's room for drugs and paraphernalia. Jenna feels like a hypocrite and her own worst nightmare, but she still remembers the hiding places and realizes some measure of snooping success. When Elena asks what's brought on this change, Jenna tells her about her meeting with their "asshat" of History teacher yesterday. Elena nods. "You got Tanner-ed. Been there." Jenna rants about her screw-ups as their guardian and laments the fact that she's not "her" (Elena and Jeremy's mom; Jenna's sister), who made everything look so easy. She finally declares her job "impossible." Somewhere, Mr. Tanner gets a tingle up his spine. Elena tells Jenna that's "just the fear talking. You're a little scared, that's all. We all are." Then, as if entranced by the utter shallowness of her great insight, she announces she has to go. Jenna must be a crap guardian, because she doesn't even ask where Elena's going.

Grill: Jeremy walks in looking for Vicki. He's relieved to find her leaning against the wall, but then Tyler comes into view and Vicki's arms. They make out and Jeremy's face falls.

Town Square: Caroline seems a bit skittish as she walks to her car, so of course she drops her keys. Something makes her turn around and she's relieved to realize there's nothing there. But when she turns back to her car, old Close-Talker is standing in the small space between her and her car door. He offers a completely insincere apology for startling her. When she accepts it and says she was hoping to see him again, Damon leers. "I know." Caroline volleys, "Cocky much?" Damon returns: "Very much." Oh, my! I'll get back to typing just as soon as I loosen my grip on my pearls.

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