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The Night Of the First Kiss

Gilbert House: Jenna tries to connect with Jeremy by offering him tacos and 'fessing up that the meal is a ruse to get him to talk. Jeremy keeps heading toward the door and Jenna calls him back with some actual, good-natured authority. She tells him about her own pothead days. "Anything to get a little distraction from life...reality. And? It worked... for a while. Never lasts, though." She turns her back on him to get something out of the fridge. Jeremy can smell what's really cooking here, so he rises as Jenna says she wouldn't mind indulging now, but with her thesis looming and her waistline expanding... She turns to face him once again, but he's already out the slider. Drusilla whispers in my ear, "Perhaps the mean teacher was right."

Hospital: Vicki picks at her food while Matt dozes in the chair at her bedside. She's bored so she throws her little, sealed hospital juice cup at him. Matt wakes and is heartened by how good Vicki looks, but is surprised she doesn't remember the screaming stunt from earlier in the day. He gives her the good news that she can come home tomorrow and asks what attacked her in the woods. Vicki hesitates, then says, "An animal... what else... could it have been?" Then Jeremy walks in. Vicki looks uncomfortably surprised. Matt smirks and bows out to get a coffee. Vicki tells Jeremy that Matt look suspicious, and she doesn't want people to find about their summer of love (on Jeremy's part; drug-induced sex on hers). When he tells her to get over that, she confesses that she also wants to keep their fling a secret, because Tyler is finally starting to show some interest in her. Jeremy smiles. "You have to get over that, too. Do you see Mr. Concerned?" He looks under the bed. "Tyler, are you under there?" Vicki laughs, but she's also hung up on their age difference, which I'm thinking can be two years at the most, but I have to drag myself back over the decades and remember that two years is HUGE in high school. When the girl is the older partner, it feels like dog years. There were boys I wouldn't look at, and boys I never let anyone know I did look at, all because of 24 months in the wrong direction. She's also concerned that Matt and Elena would freak. I don't know why, since they dated one another. Jeremy says that no one will suspect a thing. "Why wouldn't I check on you? I mean, I'm the one who found you." Elena did not remember that, and she warms up considerably once she learns Jeremy carried her out of the woods. They share a shy sort of smile and we cut to...

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