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The Night Of the First Kiss

Mossy Manse: Zach wants to know why Damon has come back to Mystic Falls. Stefan explains that it's because he's there and Damon's goal in unlife is to make his unlife miserable. Zach says Damon is putting them all at risk and worries that the girl in the hospital will talk. Stefan says she won't. "I took care of her." When Zach asks if he's sure, Stefan has to admit that he can't be sure because his powers are not as strong as Damon's. Whatever, he'll deal with whatever problems arise. As he goes to leave, Zach says, "Is she worth it, Uncle Stefan -- this girl you came back for?" Stefan looks hurt and Zach's a bit chagrined. We cut to...

The Mystic Grill: Vicki's trying to get some more time off, but her boss isn't being cooperative. Jeremy gives her some illicit pain meds and asks if she's going to watch the comet, later. She says she can be talked into it, and that she'll meet him outside in a few. Tyler walks up and inquires as to how she's doing. When Vicki sneers, "Like you care," and walks off, Jeremy's smile could light up the night. There is a little more Tyler/Jeremy tension and we cut to...

Mystic Falls Common: People with lit candles light the candles of others in a familiar way that indicates this is a well-practiced town tradition...even though it only happens once every 145 years. Yeah. See: Christmas tree; step-brother; wake. Since Matt carries a torch for Elena, he lights her fire, but only in the literal sense. After exchanging uncomfortable pleasantries she turns to light the next dark candle she sees, and only once it is ablaze does she realize it's Stefan's. How am I going to finish this cheese without some more wine to wash it down? He smiles, "Hi." Elena is startled. She glances back at Matt who looks on in resignation. Then Elena actually surprises me by walking away from both boys, but only about a half dozen steps. Matt tries not to watch but can't resists a few sneak peeks as Stefan approaches Elena and gives her the history of the comet. "It's been traveling across space for a thousand years. All alone." Elena shares Bonnie's "harbinger of evil," theory (it's like they want me to link to another Buffy recap, but I just won't do it this time). As they look up at the sky, Stefan says, "I think it's just a ball of snow and ice, trapped on a path it can't escape. Once every 145 years, it gets to come home." Is it me, or was that the most ridiculous contradictory mix of science and romance? ["It may be a cluster of inert gasses and radioactive isotopes held together by a trace magnetic charge, but it still has feelings." - Zach] Stefan says he's sorry for his treatment of Elena at Mossy Manse. She snarks that he apologizes a lot (which is true, so you think he'd apologize for that comet bit, but no...). He says...oh, I'll spare you. Anyhow, she brings up Katherine, and the subject turns to loss, and familial and romantic complications. Elena has no spunk whatsoever. "It's okay. We met, and we talked and it was epic, but..."

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