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Originality Is Nothing But Judicious Imitation

New Orleans. Klaus sits at the fortune teller's table, but she says she has nothing to say to him and in the process of trying to get him to go away, reveals that she knows he's a hybrid. Narcissist that he is, Klaus has to mention that he's The Original Hybrid.

We cut back to Mystic Falls were Elijah tells Rebekah he's off to find out who is making a move against their brother. When he finds out, he'll either, "...stop them, or I'll help them." He shakes his head. "Depending on my mood."

New Orleans. Klaus tells the fortune teller (FT) he's looking for the witch, Jane-Anne Devereaux. Klaus knows she's lying, and can tell she's a real witch, so he threatens her, all the while smiling and using his most fetching voice. FT says, "Witches don't talk out of school in the Quarter. The vampire won't allow it. Those are the rules. I don't break Marcel's rules." Klaus's ears not only pick up at that name, but float off his head and do triple back flips, before returning to starting position. "Marcel's rules? Where do you suppose I might find Marcel?" We cut to a...

Club. This sick hot guy (played by Charles Michael Davis) is singing, "How You Like Me Now," and he's been a bad, bad, bad, bad man. I'm glad he's Marcel, because otherwise, I'd be unable to follow Klaus on his new quest. I'm staying right here. [Hello, salty goodness. --Cordelia]

Elijah's only surviving brother enters the club, but enough about him. Let's get back to Marcel. I think he needs us to tell him we like him just fine. He hopes off the stage, meets his buds at the bar and takes a well-earned drink, then he spots what's-his-face. The Original Hybrid. You know the one. His name starts with a K. Is it Kevin? Keith? Whatever. I bet Marcel knows it. "Klaus?" Who-sa-ma-whatsit says Marcel's name too, like we don't all know that. Marcel tells um K...endrick, "It must be about a hundred years since that nasty business with your Papa." K...ermit shrugs and says, "Has it been that long," but who cares? Let's check in with Mmmarcel. [Like, 'mmm cookies'. --Dawn]

Addressing K...lingon, Marcel says, "The way I recall it, he ran you out of town -- left a trail of dead vampires in his wake." says, "And yet how fortunate you managed to survive." For once, I agree with K..evork, who continues: "My father, I'm afraid, I recently incinerated to dust." True story, bro, but it's about time for Marcel to weigh in. He proves me right, because Marcel and I are tight like that. "Well, if I'd known you were coming back to town -- if I'd had a heads up..." K...ooper says, "What, Marcel? What would you have done?" then he gets all up in Marcel's million dollar grill. Marcel being the Marcel we've known and loved so very long, squints his gorgeous eyes and says, "I'd have thrown you a damned parade," then he shoots K...umpel a thousand watt smile so bright, even K...ryptonite has to smile in return. Marcel hugs whoever that is, and says, "Niklaus Mikaelsson, my mentor, my savior, my sire. Let's get you a drink." He puts his arm around N...inKompoop and leads him to a...

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