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Originality Is Nothing But Judicious Imitation

Back Room. It's drinks all around as the men catch up. K...orbin seems a little bitter, when he notices Marcel's minions are sporting daywalker rings, but Marcel assures him that only the inner circle are afforded that privilege. In the course of conversation, Marcel reveals he has the local witches wrapped around his finger. K...ory laughs, which seems silly, because witches are people too, and Marcel is just so frigging Marcel. Once K...oren reveals he's looking for Jane-Anne Devereaux, Marcel tells him to come with him. "It's showtime." I hope that means more of Marcel singing, as he wonders how I like him now, but I'm sadly disappointed.

Out on the now dark streets, Marcel continues to be charming and welcoming, and K...umar continues to be an insecure bore. Marcel refers to the nightwalkers (vamps without daywalker rings) as "riff raff" but he's really smooth about it, so we'll let that slide. He snaps a branch off a nearby tree as they walk. I can't concentrate on anything while this man is on screen, but somehow, that manages to catch my eye.

When Marcel puts two fingers in his mouth, I nearly pass out, but I manage to maintain my consciousness, just for you. He lets out a loud whistle. The throng erupts in cheers, because Marcel is here, damn it. Then the crowd parts. A minion leads a bound and gagged Jane to Marcel. Oh crap. Now I have to stop liking him. But I don't wanna! Do. Not. Want. Marcel announces that Jane has been accused of performing witchcraft beyond the bounds of the rules set and enforced by him. Oh frig. Marcel, we had such a beautiful thing going. Why? Why? Marcel asks Jane how she pleads, and then turns to Klaus and adds, "Oh, was that convincing? I studied law back in the '50s." After a beat, he adds, "Hold that thought." He returns to Jane and asks her how she pleads. Jane lies that she didn't do anything. Marcel knows it's a lie and blathers on about how he's aware of the witches' every move. They can't do magic in town, without getting caught. He starts peeling the leaves off his branch, until it's a switch. My soul bleeds into everyone's Gumbo. Marcel tells Jane that if she confesses what she's up to, he will grant her leniency."

Things are going to get bad now, which I can tell, because I have no problem remembering Klaus's name, and that he is looking at Jane with concern. When Marcel inclines his head towards Jane's and says, "Hey, I am, after all, a merciful man," I want to believe him, but I am too old to do so. Jane doesn't look it, but she must be too old too, because she says, "Rot in Hell, monster." Marcel tells Jane he'll give her one more chance, but me and my bleeding soul know he's lying. He takes a few steps away from her, then turns back to face her and flicks the switch so that it cuts her throat. As Jane clutches her wound, gurgles and starts to fall, Marcel sing-songs, "Or not." Klaus looks near tears. He recoils from the scene, as if he wasn't a monster who recently ripped out the hearts of 12 of his own hybrids. When Jane falls to the ground, I keep trying to will Klaus to "vamp-run" to her side and feed her his blood, but he doesn't. The crowd cheers and celebrates. Marcel rejoices. My love for him dies. Klaus stands idly by like he's Duncan Kane. Have I used that reference before? Whatever. Don't judge me. I'm mourning my affair with Marcel. Commercial.

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