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Originality Is Nothing But Judicious Imitation

After the break, Klaus confronts Marcel. He wanted to talk to Jane. Marcel blahs about how he got caught up in the show. Witches still think they have power in this town, but Marcel has to show them they don't. [People can't do anything they want. Society has rules and borders and an end zone --Xander] Marcel sweetens the pot by trotting out some lesson about showing force, as Klaus taught him. Marcel assures Klaus that anything he could have learned from Jane, he (Marcel) will learn for him. Klaus lies that it no longer matters. Neither he nor Marcel are convinced, but Marcel proposes a meal and heads off. Klaus lingers but a moment, then stops Marcel's minion, Thierry (Callard Harris) and asks if there are any more Devereaux witches. We cut to...

Sophie's Restaurant. Sobbing as she chops her non-soul ingredients, Sophie gasps and turns to find Klaus. She knows it's him too. He wastes no time in letting her know he witnessed the death of her sister. The feel of the scene is that Sophie has intuited it. Klaus wants to know what Jane wanted with him and the reason Marcel killed her. Sophie holds her tongue when she notices two of Marcel's minions enter. Klaus's assurance that they aren't with him doesn't sway Sophie. "I know you built this town. But this is his town, now. He killed my sister because she broke the rules. So if I talk to you in front of them, I'm next." She stalks off to the kitchen.

Klaus heads to the bar and grabs the two minions by the neck. I've officially reached new character overload. At first, I can't even be certain that the white one is not Thierry. And right now? I don't care, but thanks to, I suspect he is Vampire 1 (Chris Osborn) but for the rest of this recap, he is White Minion. Klaus asks if they're following him. White Minion says Marcel told them they were Klaus's guides. Klaus tells them if they follow him again, they'll do so without a spine. They're interrupted by a blonde bartender. Later, we'll learn her name is Camille, so let's just call her that, right now. Fun Vampire Show Fact: Camille is played by Leah Pipes, who got her first break playing the little girl with an eye growing out of the back of her head, in the Angel episode, "The Thin Dead Line." Perhaps that's why all these Buffy quotes have been inserting themselves in this recap. Anyhow, Klaus slaps a hundred dollar bill on the bar and asks Camille for her oldest Scotch. When she heads off to fetch it, Klaus cautions the minions that if Marcel wants to know what he's up to, he should ask directly. We cut to the...

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