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Originality Is Nothing But Judicious Imitation

Alley. Sophie goes outside and stands above an impromptu alter. The candles are already burning, but she grabs one to light another (or to light something afire -- what do I know from witchcraft). She jumps at the sound of a door slamming shut. A vampire Stealth-Jumps behind her, but then disappears. She turns to find White Minion, so she tells him, "The doors work, you know." What? Whatever. White Minion is upset she's doing magic, but Sophie doesn't care. She turns to Black Minion (aka Vampire 2, played by Derek Roberts) who is now visible behind her, and says she's praying to her dead sister. She encourages them to pay their respects. White Minion says Marcel wants to know why the Hybrid was looking for Jane. Sophie snarks that they could have asked Jane themselves, had Marcel not killed her.

When Sophie turns to stare down Black Minion, White Minion Stealth Salvatores up behind her, but before he can bite her, he is lifted off the ground and up out of sight. Oh, it must be my blessed Elijah, and not a moment too soon. Black Minion looks around. Hearing a thump, he turns to find what I believe, in this season of gore, is White Minion's brain. Black Minion looks up and then back toward Sophie, but Elijah now stands between them. I keep telling you people I'm not an action recapper. Suffice it to say, Black Minion ends his days staked to the upper portion of the building. Elijah straightens his lapels. "I'm Elijah. You've heard of me?" Sophie nods nervously, when she really should be swooning. Elijah draws near. "So why don't you tell me what business your family has with my brother?" Commercial and time for a cold compress.

Klaus returns to or arrives at some place where there are a lot of people and vamps, partying and feeding. Klaus is not amused. Spotting another of Marcel's Minions which IMDb reports is Diego (played by Eka Darville), Klaus asks where Marcel is. Once Diego is less than forthcoming, Klaus dons his game face, blathers about how werewolf bites can kill vampires, so since he's part wolf, he'll ask where Marcel is, once more time. Marcel swoops in and starts blathering about his rules. Klaus demands to know why he had him followed. Marcel asks him to "let it go," for him. Klaus reluctantly relents and asks Marcel, "Why don't you show me what you've been up to -- in my town?"

Marcel leads Klaus to the rooftop and exposits about how his management has helped New Orleans grow into a tourist destination. One of his key moves was teaching the humans how to look the other way. Klaus wants to know why the once fierce witches now live in fear. Marcel allows that he may now have an ace up his sleeve that keeps him chief monster in charge, or maybe he's just bluffing. When he takes a bite of vervain, it does not escape Klaus's notice. Marcel admits while it burns, it limits his vulnerability. He asks Klaus not to hold the "chaperones" against him. Soon, their conversation turns to the pretty young blonde who is walking down the street below. Klaus recognizes her as the bartender at Sophie's. Since she's walking alone at night, he figures she's either brave or dumb. Marcel says, "Let's see. Brave? I let her live. Dumb? She's dessert."

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