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What a difference a day makes. I wrote my recaplet of "The Rager" right after the episode aired, when all I really had on my mind was the show and my daily grind. I knew there was a hurricane approaching, but honestly, my daughter's cheerleading competition was more on my mind. And I don't even mean that in a stage-mommy way. Mostly my thoughts were things like: I don't even know how to get to Lowell. Is my back going to act up, if I have to sit on bleachers or plastic seats for hours? If her teams wins again, and they continue to progress, how are we ever going to afford getting her to Florida for the finals? What are we going to do for the two hours between dropping her off and the beginning of the competition? We probably won't celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend. I think I'm gonna skip church on Sunday. How do I get to Lowell, again? Shallow. Every thought was shallow and those not strictly self-absorbed were very much us-absorbed (and leaning heavily toward myself). Even once my attention turned to the storm, I mostly fretted about how entirely useless I am without electricity and wondered why we have so many trees in this yard, anyhow. I mean, I've gone about 48 hours without power before, but after that? I'd have to move.

Then it happened. You know, I've never been to Rehoboth Beach, or Fire Island, or Queens, or even Atlantic City. I went to Staten Island when I was a kid to visit a great-aunt. I'd have to ask my mother where else I've been in and around New York City. I've mostly only traveled through the Mid-Atlantic states on my way to South Carolina. Once. We're among those Bostonians who tend to go North. New Hampshire. Maine. Vermont. Canada. Cool air. Fewer people. But as I read and watch these news reports of all this destruction in New York, New Jersey, and up and down the seaboard, my gut clenches -- my throat tightens like this is my own neighborhood. And I have nothing to say. I'm reduced to tears and prayers.

If you're here -- if you're reading this, that's a real blessing today, isn't it? Not reading this, mind you. That's already patently clear. I just mean it's great that you have a smart phone or electricity and internet... My own stupid, shallow self -- we never even lost electricity or internet. But the Boardwalk has been devastated and I feel like I lost a loved one. The whole region. Lives. Homes. Neighborhoods. Businesses. Boats. Ways of life. First Responders are out there selflessly risking their lives. People are suffering and struggling just to get through a day -- trying to come to terms with losing so much. And I'm supposed to write something quippy about...vampires.

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