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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Rebekah's Room. Being a mostly unkillable Original, Rebekah isn't dying from the werewolf venom. She's just suffering from it, and apparently we must suffer with her. She is sitting in front of her vanity, head bobbling, eyes heavy, when Matt walks in and says she doesn't look so hot. She exposits about how whatever it is won't kill her, then says she's surprised Matt showed up. He says that since she explained why she ran him off the bridge (to kill Alaric and save the lives of her and her siblings), he ought to explain how he feels. "The truth is, Rebekah. I think you're amazing." She's smitten, so she smiles at this, but she really shouldn't. Matt: "You've had a thousand years to learn -- to grow, and start fresh. And somehow you've managed to throw it all away. Now you're alone. Your brother hates you. You whine about not finding love. The reason you don't find love is because you don't deserve it." Rebekah, whose eyes are filled with tears, winces at that last bit, gasps and then rips out Matt's heart. Yes, I die a thousand deaths. You can read my play-by-play reaction in the recaplet. After seeing all the real horror, in our very real world, I'm over it. This isn't the show's fault. It's just how it is. Matt falls to the floor, dead. Rebekah stares at his heart -- still in her hand, then she snaps out of it. Matt's not on the floor. Her hands are empty and clean. I breathe, again. She looks around and we cut to...

Hospital Supply Room. Damon wants to know who Connor is, where he's from and adds, "Maybe you can clue me in on this greater evil, because I've fought this guy..." He gestures toward Klaus. "...and there's nothing more evil than that." Klaus of course, agrees. Connor, of course, refuses to talk, beyond saying that if they kill him, there will be another along to take his place. In my head, I hear the voice-over narration from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Into every generation born, there is a slayer." I am struggling to reserve judgment on this. While I have very (inappropriately) proprietary feelings about BtVS. Buffy Summers wasn't fiction's first vampire hunter, nor will she be its last. That's my mantra, okay?

Damon mocks Connor, and while doing so, mentions his disappearing tattoo. When Klaus hears that last bit, his grin disappears. He asks Damon about it, but Damon says not to bother since they can't see it. Klaus knows more than everyone else in the room, though. He bends down to Connor and whispers, "There's more to you than meets the eye, isn't there?" Connor draws a stake and tries to get Klaus, who brags about being faster than the average vampire. He wrests the stake from Connor's hand, and looks at it. While he's studying the markings, Connor reaches for the trigger wire. Klaus: "You're one of The Five." Damon: "The what?" Connor: "I'm faster than the average hunter." Damon realizes Connor is about to trigger the bomb and Stealth-Salvatores away. He gets out of the room in time, but the explosion still throws him to the floor. Commercial.

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