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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Mossy Manse. Elena's resting in Stefan's bed as he tries to reach Klaus, because as you'll recall, his blood is the antidote to werewolf venom. Elena smiles at her boyfriend, but then his face morphs into Damon, i.e. her other boyfriend. She says, "Why am I thinking about you?" Imaginary Damon says, "Because you're a vampire now, and part of you knows you're a lot more like me than you are like him." Elena closes her eyes, just as Klaus walks in. Stefan says, "You came." Klaus: "I did, and for future reference, one voice mail is just as effective as nine." Heh. He looks over at Elena with concern and says, "What's wrong, love?"

Stefan explains that she's been poisoned with werewolf venom. Okay, so...he never mentioned that in nine voice mails? Klaus points out that they'd be screwed right now, if they'd succeeded in ridding the world of him. Stefan asks Klaus what he wants from him. I shudder, because I can't take another season of Stefan as Klaus's pathetic toady. I'm happy to report Klaus says he doesn't want anything from Stefan. He walks towards the bed. "Her, on the other hand..." Sitting next to Elena, he confesses that a few hours ago, he'd have let Elena die, but it seems she once again may be of use to him. Klaus sinks his fangs into his wrist. It sounds...crunchy. He offers his blood to Elena. Stefan watches as Klaus blood-shares with Elena. Klaus doesn't lay it on too thick, but he doesn't hide that he's enjoying this moment. I wonder how jealous Stefan is. We cut to...

Rebekah's room. April shows up. She's taken it upon herself to clean up. Apparently the deputies showed up and chased everyone off. April's still there, because picking up trash is better than sitting home alone, thinking about the family she no longer has. This, of course, resonates with the ever-needy Rebekah. She gets out of bed and offers to help April look into what really caused the explosion at the ranch. April asks what Rebekah can do that April can't. Rebekah smiles. "You'd be surprised." Oh my word, Becky might almost have a friend. Was hallucinatory Matt's monologue enough to make her change her ways, when a thousand years of life experience couldn't?

Hospital. Carol is with Damon who reports that the "sniper" was in the supply room when it blew up, and is still there, but now in tiny, little pieces. Carol declares this good. She'll cancel curfew and call off the extra patrols. She doesn't exactly approve of his methods, though. Damon says that he'll make a donation and speculates that they'll name a hospital wing after him. Next he finds Jeremy, who's all, "See, I told you I could be a badass." Damon walks right by him, adding, "Shh. Badasses don't say that." Meredith gives Damon hell for blowing up a hospital full of sick, fragile patients. Damon reminds her no one got hurt and tells her to buy him a farewell drink. Maybe they can figure out what Klaus meant by, "The Five." Mere calls his bluff. He's not leaving town and they both know it. She has no plans to be his new partner in vampire crime, so she tells him to fix things with Stefan and Elena. "Don't let your pride leave you all alone." We cut to...

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