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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Mossy Manse. Stefan's enjoying a drink by the fire -- okay, he's not actually enjoying it, what with the brooding, when Caroline shows up. Stefan compliments Caroline on her transition from her insecure human self, into the fabulous vampire she is today. He knows Elena is changing too. He wants Elena to be able to enjoy her vampirism, but when he's with her and she starts enjoying it, the temptation is too much for him. He had counted on Damon to pull him back from the Ripper-edge, but now that they're on the outs, he needs someone to keep him grounded. He loves Elena and wants her to enjoy her vampirism. He doesn't want to hold her back. Caroline's so good at being a vampire. She doesn't deny this, but does credit Stefan for her success, and if memory serves, she's right to so. She says Stefan can come to her whenever he needs to. She won't let him lose control. Great chemistry in this scene, yes?

Gilbert Gables. Matt shows up to provide Elena with her evening meal. He feels awful. If he'd known Elena was going to the party, he never would have told Connor about Rebekah. Elena already went through this with Jeremy. Oh, did she, Show? Because I'm not even sure I've seen Elena and Jeremy alone together, since she turned. Their last meaningful conversation was the one in which he told her he'd much rather have a vampire sister than a human one. There should have been some sibling time between them, by now, but I digress. The point is, Elena doesn't want Matt to feel bad about it.

Matt rolls up his sleeve as Elena exposits about the hatred she's struggling with and her murderous urges. I keep waiting for Matt to get a clue and run the hell out of there, but he's so intent on helping his ex-girlfriend, that he's not thinking. Besides, he feels Rebekah deserves a good Son of White Oak staking, and I can't say I disagree. Elena says it's more about her own mind -- terrible thoughts, violent images, and hunger. She puts on her game face and sinks her fangs into Matt's wrist. She drinks for longer than Matt is used to. Well, in truth, it doesn't seem any longer, but he says it is. Then she starts to hurt him, which he also says, but Elena ignores him. The feed is too heavy upon her. When Matt struggles, she throttles him with her free hand and continues to gorge herself. My reaction to this is in the recaplet, as well. It's then that Damon zoops in and pushes her off Matt, and scolds her like a she's a two year old, reaching for a hot stove. "Stop. Stop." Within seconds, Elena is back to herself. With his blood still on her lips, she cries her apologies to a horrified Matt. Damon compels Matt to forget anything past the fact that he fed Elena and left.

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