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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Alone with Damon, Elena says, "What have I done?" Damon tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of. She's a vampire now and just has to learn the right way to be one. "And I'm going to teach you." They nod silently at each other. Damon brushes a stray hair off her forehead, and in my head, I hear his early jab at Stefan, because those who can't, teach, right Damon? Since when is your way the right way -- in any sort of "right way" that Elena can find acceptable? So far as I've seen, only Lexi is up to teaching Elena to be a vampire in a way in which Elena will find acceptable, and well, you killed her, didn't you? Oh wait. Caroline is the obvious choice here, no? She helped Elena last week, when April was bleeding out. Let's get these boys out of Elena's life for a while, and get her back to her girlfriends. Elena doesn't say any of this or even think it, though. She's just grateful that someone other than control-freak Stefan is going to help her.

Connor wakes up in his camper. Standing over him, Klaus says, "Congratulations. You just became worth more alive to me, than dead." Connor asks what Klaus meant about him being one of The Five. Klaus tilts his head as he considers Connor and his question. "You don't know your own history?" He sits down in front of Connor. "Well, let's just say it's made you the most well-protected vampire hunter in town." Dun!

So, what's that all about? The only logical explanation I can think of is that Connor is somehow going to be instrumental in restoring Elena's humanity, which kind of bums me out. I don't want to be negative based on plot speculation though, because what matters is how a story is told.

I'll be back Friday morning, with coverage of "The Five." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, and please be good to each other.

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