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What I want to say is that it's going to be okay. That's trite and presumptive though, isn't it? I'm sitting here in dry clothes, queuing up my TiVo and refilling my coffee cup, so what the hell do I know, that I haven't learned on my cable-ready flat-screen TV? If you've been hurt by this disaster and you're just looking for some distraction, I can only offer you my deepest condolences, and the hope of some temporary distraction. If, like me, you're one of the lucky ones whose experience of Hurricane Sandy boils down to nothing worse than worry or perhaps a few hours without lights -- well, we have a job to do. TV's talking heads like to yammer about how very divided we Americans are -- particularly during the silly season of a Presidential election. But I don't think we are, in our hearts. I'm not going to link you to a particular charity, or list of ways to help. You have the internet. You'll figure it out. I'm just going to get on with my work, and trust that those who pray are doing so, those with hope keep hoping, and those who can do, will do. Nearly all of us can do something. Do that something. Put goodness out there. Do something real and true. Do something that matters more than talking about a TV show. Another vampire show once told me, "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do." That can make no sense or all the sense in the world, depending on how you parse it. Parse it in the way that makes a difference. Okay? Okay.

We open with the new season 3 montage, that's been edited to reflect the events of the last two episodes. Elena's a vampire. There's a new vampire hunter in town. Only Jeremy can see his mystical tattoo. Blah blah blah blood cakes. After the montage, we see Tyler lying in his hospital bed. There's a police guard outside his room, but of course he hears noise and wanders off to investigate. Shouldn't there be two guards, just in case this very thing happens? He is the Mayor's son and was gunned down in a church. When the hunter, Connor Jordan, jumps Officer Distracted, Ty's eyes fly open. I wonder if hybrid hearing is even more acute than vampire hearing. I mean they've got that whole dog thing going on.

Connor enters Ty's room, but his bed is empty. I hope he Stealth-Salvatored out of the hospital, but instead, he jumps Connor from behind. Connor seems stronger than Tyler though, and manages to throw him down on the bed. He injects Tyler with a paralytic agent, and then draws werewolf venom from our boy's gums. Yuck. This show is really trying to gross me out, this season.

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