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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Back in his camper, Connor boils down the venom, which I don't really get, because werewolves can kill vampires with a single bite, so what's all this cooking supposed to do? As his potion bubbles away, Connor reviews his files on our local beasties, and rereads Pastor Cliche's letter to his daughter, April.

Mossy Manse. Day. Damon opens the front door to find Stefan fiddling with a motorcycle. Big Bro taunts Little Bro about having a midlife crisis, but Stefan explains that the transition is really getting to Elena, so he's just trying to bring in the fun. We know what Damon's going to say before the words escape his lips. "Those who can't do, teach." Damon already knows about Connor's attack on Tyler. Since the new hunter now has vampire poison at the ready, Damon sums up his plans for the day: "I'm gonna find him, and I'm going to eat him." After he takes Connor down, he's going to pack up and head out of town. "Isn't that the deal? Whoever Elena doesn't choose leaves?" Stefan notes that deal was struck before Elena turned. Damon: "And I stayed to help. But if I take you punching me as the first clue, I'm not wanted here, anymore." Stefan: "Listen, you blood-shared with my girlfriend, and I punched you in the face. You deserved it. Why don't you stop being dramatic?" Oh Stefan, he's not going to stop being dramatic, anymore than you're going to stop brooding. Damon says if he was being dramatic, he'd swan out of town before killing the hunter. He's got a point.

Mystic Falls High School Exterior. Matt meets up with Elena and notes that it's weird they've chosen their old make-out spot for the transaction at hand. Matt's blood is the only thing she can keep down, so Elena thanks him. Matt says since he owes her his life, he's glad to do this for her. Elena doesn't like using him as a human blood bank, but Matt is all, "Please let me do this for you." Elena plunges her fangs into his wrist, but only takes a little sip. When Matt asks her if she's taken enough, she admits she hasn't, but is afraid if she takes more, she won't be able to stop. Great, even undead teenage girls can suffer from eating disorders.

Once Elena has bandaged up Matt and wiped the blood off her lips, the twosome heads toward school, like attending is something they do more than quarterly. Matt's a little surprised Elena's even at school, but Elena figures that since the hunter knows Damon is a vampire and that Damon knows Elena, hiding at home would appear more suspicious. Besides, it's her senior year. She's made it this far, so there's no way she's bailing before graduation. As they pass through the parking lot, Elena notices flyers on all the windshields, so she grabs one. There's a 10:00 PM curfew now, in reaction to Tyler getting shot in front of the whole town. He was shot in broad daylight, in a church. A 10:00 PM curfew seems... like it's not going to accomplish anything useful, right?

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