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Mayoral Mansion. Carol and Tyler walk in. There are a few guys standing around the foyer. Tyler wonders if they're deputies, but Klaus wanders into view and disabuses him of that notion. While Klaus is still mightily miffed that Tyler went and broke the sire bond, he's now unable to create more hybrids, so Tyler is a precious commodity. Klaus is a big sap about his babies, isn't he? I mean, he wanted the hybrids to serve as an army against Mikael, who is now dead, and then against his family, most of whom have taken off, anyhow. He also, in truth, wanted them to be his family, because he never felt the love of his siblings, even when it was there. Either way you slice it, there's no rational reason to protect Tyler. The sire bond is broken, and Tyler resents the hell out of Klaus for drawing OMGPONIES pictures of Caroline. Klaus is, to be fair, a little ticked that Tyler and his buds stopped Klaus's heart and left him in a casket to rot, but Tyler thinks the body switch and kissing Caroline make them about even. Klaus says it's not even close. Still, he's Tyler's werepire daddy, so the boy had better accept his new body guards.

History Class. Elena looks up at the chalkboard which still bears Alaric's handwriting. She confessed to Stefan that she's ready to bawl her eyes out, but then Rebekah breezes in. She's handing out flyers for her anti-curfew party, and arousing Elena's ire just by existing. And I sort of get this. I mean, the Originals have been nothing short of Hell on earth for Elena, and it's Rebekah who killed Elena, so it's her fault Elena's a vampire -- and she did so in order to kill Alaric. On the other hand, it's Rebekah who helped Stefan kill one of their guards when Pastor Cliche was holding them prisoner at his ranch. Without Rebekah, Elena would have died from failure to feed during the first day of her transition. In just a very few moments, Rebekah will have earned back Elena's ire, but in this very first one, where I'd expect Elena to at least feel a measure of gratitude mixed in with her loathing, she feels only the latter. The girls bicker. Rebekah gets in a couple of good jabs about her past with Stefan and the loss of Alaric. It's then that Elena tries to stab Rebekah with a pencil. Rebekah grabs it and stabs Elena, instead. No one in the class notices what's going on, which is just unbelievable. It makes me feel cheap just watching this scene.

Elena rushes off to the bathroom. Stefan follows her down the hallway and tries to calm her down. Elena can't compose herself. She both hates Rebekah and hates that she hate Rebekah. Isn't that always the way? I'm serious here. I hate when I care enough to hate. It's something I struggle against. Always have. Always will. Their conversation is interrupted when Elena sees Connor down the hall, and he seems to be watching Jeremy. Elena's ready to charge at him, but Stefan hustles her into the ladies room with an assurance that he's got this.

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